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  • Josh

    I really enjoyed David's performance as Josh on the television series Sabrina the teenage witch. He was very appealing as both an actor, character, and a love interest for Sabrina. He played a character that quite frankly was probably my favorite from the minute he started and I was very sad to see him ago. While I did enjoy his time on the show I haven't really seen much of him since. Where has he been?
  • David Lascher is great! He should have his own show!

    I first saw David Lascher in the well-loved Nickelodeon series Hey Dude. He was great as Ted. A loveable troublemaker. After that he had a short stint on 90210 that was fun to see. And most recently he was in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I really loved that show, and he added a lot of spark to it. Not sure where he is now, but I'd love to see him get his own show.