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  • Ball State Bafoon

    A stage clown who graduated from Ball State criticizes the intellect of a graduate from the universities of Yale and Harvard. A graduate who became the first President of the United States with a Masters Degree and the first President to have flown F15 jets for the US military. There are no dumb F15 pilots. Forgive me Ball State, I know you are a fine institution. One tells jokes well the other saved our country from further attack after 9-11. Who's the joke on........
  • Old Grandpa

    Could CBS please put Grandpa to bed. Wouldn't miss him if he was gone tomorrow.
  • Letterman Gottfried

    I love David Letterman. My favorite guest of his is Gilbert Gottfried. Wow is he funny. Gilbert is playing the watseka theatre watseka illinois on feb 23, 2013. My whole crew has tickets to the event.
  • Such a funny man.

    Legend in his own "things" with ease.
  • Politician

    I use to watch Letterman almost every evening. He has become far too involved in his commentary regarding political candidates. He may as well be paid by the Obama campaign. Have not watched his program faithfully for years. I do like parts of his program and try to tune in once in a while only to be promptly reminded why I went away. Stick to actors and actresses and stop trying to cram your political agenda down the throats of your viewers.
  • Taking snarky to a whole new level.

    There are many people who don't "get" David Letterman's style of humor. I feel for them. I truly do. His dry wit and absurd mannerisms are absolutely brilliant and his ability to play the role of an out-of-touch buffoon actually makes him one of the most cutting edge comedians on television today. He does not assume that his audience is completely clueless. Instead, he plays up his audience as though he were the one who does not know what is going on in the world or that he is the last person to "have heard the news". His subtle self-deprication is delivered with masterful timing and a gifted sense of awareness of what works in the current environment. Bravo, sir!
  • totally uncool

    david letterman is perhaps one of the worst tv hosts of all time. cbs can't come up with real shows so they make use of this garbage to make up for it. not a wise choice. david letterman is so unfunny, he tries so hard to be, but he's just looking more and more like a drunken burned out clown whose got nothing better to do but annoy everyone around him. he tries to make jokes but he is a joke. i just can't stand him. it's time for cbs to show him the door, there's got to be someone better out there than him. there's got to be.
  • David Letterman is a good comedian with few flaws.

    I think David Letterman is quite funny, the only problem with his jokes being that they are sometimes dragged out for like 3 minutes, wheras as other hosts (such as Jay Leno, tell many funny jokes one after another). When you stretch the same jokes for so long, it gets kind of corny. Most of the time, his jokes are clever, and his personality is great for a night host. He is one of the all time legends for a reason, because of his talent and ability. When it came to that discussion between Bill O'Reily and David Letterman, I don't think David Letterman was very good at making his arguemet, saying things that most people already knew. But he's an an entertainer and comedian, not a political analyst so it doesn't really matter to me.
  • David Letterman gained fame for hosting his show Late Show with David Letterman.

    David was born David Michael Letterman on April 12, 1949 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He graduated Ball University, and went off to be a comedy writer, TV host, weatherman, and TV announcer, He was turning in to a small celebrity when appearing in many small films such as: The Gong Show, Mary, and Liar's Club. NBC offered David his own show The David Letterman Show, but ended badly later. He hosted Late Night with David Letterman in 1982. On the Late Show, he is known for his Top Ten lists, spinning his pencil, and repeating a joke over and over. In 1996, David was portrayed by John Michael Higgins in The Late Shift. He has a son Harry with girlfriend Regina Lasko named after his father. I think he is an excellent talk-show host, the talk-show business will never be the same when he retires.
  • My favorite late night show host.

    David Letterman is the only lte night host that i will watch. I think that David Letterman is really funny and can come up with some pretty wacky ideas. I really liked that he played himself in the movie Private Parts because it was a funny movie and he added to the humor. I have never realized that David Letterman had a bigger career that just a host that he is the executive producer for many projects that is very popular. I hope that David Letterman is around for many years because his show has a way of cheering me up when i am sad.
  • Although I don't enjoy his show as much as other late night programs, he is still one of the best talk show hosts on television.

    I'd call him funny, maybe not hilarious, but he is definately funny. I've been watching David Letterman for quite sometime now, and I've noticed that he just has a distinguished style of his own. His sometimes vulgar and almost over-the-top jokes aren't my favorites, but then again, that's his unique comedic style, and I respect him as a talk show host for that. But, at the same time, Letterman can take on a serious tone and quality when the time asks for it. I'll continue watching this 'funny' Hoosier long into the future, as time progresses. Nevertheless, Letterman will alway remain a talented and well-repsected talk show host!
  • Letterman is out of touch, he is doing the same gags, and they are getting cheesier and cheesier.

    Letterman has also become quite the hypocrite, he said that most of the stuff on Bill O\\\\\\\'reilly\\\\\\\'s show \\\\\\\"The Oreilly Factor was made up, and then said he never watched the show. So who is he to comment on something he has never seen. Who is he to say someone else is biased when he has turned his show from a comedy show into a politcal forum, with the occasional cheesy jokes. I used to love Letterman but it\\\\\\\'s time for someone younger that is more about jokes than agenda. I remember when comedians use to just make jokes, without trying to force some opinion down someones throat is have that back again that too much to ask for? If he wants to use the show for his politics, at least make the jokes funnier.
  • David is in a class by himself.

    David is in a class by himself. He is simply the best host on television today. I watch him most nights. Late Night is fresh, funny and sharp. I have been watching Dave for twenty years and really enjoy his humor. Don't get me started on Leno. It is a shame that Dave never got the Tonight Show and that Leno has tranished the reputation of that fine program. I am looking forward to Conan in 2008. I only hope that Dave Letterman will continue to stay on CBS and be persuaded to continue on (because I think he may want to retire).
  • Dry.

    For some reason I don't find him funny. Maybe its because he's a little arrogant with his comments, maybe its the space between his teeth, or maybe he just isn't funny. I can respect other people\'s opinion, but it still puzzles me why people think he's funny. I have watched a few shows and I have compared him to Jay Leno, and I say, that the Tonight Show is better with Leno than it would be with Letterman. Letterman's comedy is too dry for me.

    He just doesn't take me to chuckle town.
  • David Letterman is one of the best comedians I've ever seen on television.

    David Letterman is one of the best comedians I've ever seen on television. He's funny, makes up his own gimmicks, and even has his own show and band-what a funny guy. He's an all-time great, alright. Just look at his record-before his surgery he hadn't missed a single show in his 18 years of late-night because of illness. Now THAT'S a role model. He should really star in a sitcom, but that's just my opinion; I bet some people who've never heard of him will not agree. But if you haven't seen his show, "Late Night With David Letterman", you really should. He is by far one of the best.
  • An American comedy classic

    David Letterman has been making me laugh for a long long time. Even though it seems his show on CBS has been on forever, before that he was NBC, also forever. Combined he has been providing late night entertainment for over 20 years.

    Dave is great fun and has a fantastic writing staff. He is not afraid to keep trying a joke until it works. He is also producing a number of other successful shows under his company ‘Worldwide Pants’. And don’t forget Dave’s outstanding acting performance in “Cabin Boy”!

    Lastly, Dave is a feature in the sports world as co-owner of Rahal-Letterman Racing Team. Rahal-Letterman is the current team of the beauteous and talented Danica Patrick, who everyone loves.
  • It's not possible to do this job... not for anyone on the face of this earth.

    ....And yet, David does it, night after night, week after week. Certainly he has the support of a crew of extremely talented writers, but the balls exhibited by having to walk out there every single evening... Unlike the circus trapeze artists, there is no net for David, and if he falls, he falls big time. There's nobody who does this better