David Marciano

David Marciano


1/7/1960, Newark, New Jersey, USA

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David Marciano was born 7th January, and raised in Newark, New Jersey. He says his early life was full of bluster and drugs, and by the age of 17 he was in with a bad crowd of hoodlums. His choice was simple: clean up his act or he…more


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  • a wonderful actor.

    i've only just seen david marciano in "due south" (and shortly in two episodes of csi), so i guess i can only write about his impersonation of ray vecchio. i really loved him in this role. he has a very warm and friendly appearance, that is very funny to see sometimes coliding with the coolness he would like to provide. his interaction with paul gross' benton fraser was great to watch. they really matched in most fascinating way, big city cop vecchio who is drawn into the causes and the strange behaviour of fraser time after time, his loyalty towards fraser, the wonderful friendship they develop (even though fraser gets on vecchio's nerves again and again). they provided a most wonderful chemistry rarely seen in shows. even though i liked callum keith rennie's ray kowalski very much (and eventually even equally) i was quite sad in the beginning, that marciano wasn't back as a regular for seasons 3 and 4 and so very happy, that at least he reappeared in the last two episodes, making a great reunion with fraser.moreless