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  • Question regarding Ducky

    Hello, I would like to see Ducky get a long time relationship with the Lady from England. His one and only Love. Why is it that he isn't allowed to have that? I understand Leroy (The Boss), but why Ducky. Thank you Ella
  • Go Illya

    I fell in love with Mr. McCallum when I was an early teen and he was Illya Kuryakin. Started watching NCIS just to see him, although I admit I have found another favorite, Pauley Perrette. I'm like her. Worked in medicine for 41 years. David McCallum has always been a 15 to me in everything he has done that I have had the good fortune to see. He is truly amazing and when I saw my first episode of NCIS and realized he was Ducky, I was hooked.
  • If I could, I'd have rated him a 12! What a great actor. I could not believe when I read his age. Whodda thunk it? Are they sure that's not a misprint? No way he's 77. NO WAY.

    I've loved David since he starred in the Man from U.N.C.L.E. He's played many wonderful roles since that one, including this one on NCIS. He played on Law & Order and he did such a great job there, too. Whatever role he plays, he's totally believable. Unlike some actors that get stereotyped into a certain character role, David hasn't. He's played each and every character amazingly well. I absolutely love him as Ducky. He's definitely one of my faves on the show, which is saying a lot because they are all amazing actors/actresses. As I said in my summary, I could not believe it when I read his age. He doesn't look anywhere close to 77. I'd say I hope I look that good when I'm his age, but heck, I don't look that good now and I'm decades younger! David definitely has a lot to be proud of with his acting career.
  • He is still as good a actor as he was on Man From U N C L E

    David is a wonderful actor, even when he was Iliah however you say the last name on Man from Uncle. But on this show, how does he ever remember all those stories he tells. I know every actor has to memorize a lot and I don't know how they do it. But he remembers all those stories and some of them are quite lengthy. On the show he has his own unique sense of humor that works with the character of Gibbs and his sense of humor very well. Actually the whole cast works very well together. I look forward to collecting every season of this show to watch again in years to come
  • It is wonderful to view David on the screen again...I did watch him in U.N.C.L.E and had a crush on him then. Thank you for your excellent acting, please don't stop! It is not often that I as many would say "Thank You"

    It is wonderful to view David on the screen again...
    I did watch him on the weekly U.N.C.L.E television show and did as so many young ladies have a crush on the "swave and de-boner" man from Scottland.
    David adds the professional touch, the Scottish flare, the rich homour that I love, he does and has always played his roles with true feeling making the person watching truly believe his character as real.
    I have never given a reveiw before and do hope I am doing justice to David. You work with a wonderful cast and as an avid viewer would like to say again "Thank You" for your wonderful part in helping me "Enjoy" T.V. again.
    Your Fan...Millwee
  • What can I say?? Ducky rules on NCIS!!!

    This show would not be the same without Ducky!! He just adds a certain personality to the show. And my 3 year old son gets soooo excited when Ducky is on the screen. He may not understand what is going on, but he recognizes him right away. I hope David plays him for a longggg time!! I think he has inspired many people to maybe seek a career in criminal justice. If every medical examiner was like Ducky, everyone would LOVE going to work everyday(I know I would). Besides if there was no Ducky, then who would be there to keep Palmer in line?
  • I have been a Fan of David McCallum since the Man from Uncle. He was my teenage heart-throb!!!

    David McCallum has been casted PERFECTLY!!!! I was AMAZED when I saw that he was cast on this show. I immediately started watching and have NEVER been disappointed. Mr. McCallum is a natural...as Ducky he is perfect. He interacts perfectly with everyone and they love and respect him. Coodos to whomever cast him for this part. Ducky ROCKS and is still my heart-throb!!! His acting is wonderful, he is sincere, kind, funny and an absolute perfect fit. His relationship with Gibbs is part of the core of the show. I like how he interacts with his assistant. Ducky take control and has his own aura....Love you Illya
  • David plays Ducky so well amazing!!He makes me laugh and he holds his age well I would have never guessed! He looks too be in his late 40's wow what a great actor!!!

    I love DUCKY on the show. He does a great charter. I wrote a paper on NCIS and I recieved a A for it. I can't tell you enough how much I love NCIS. Wha a great show... It wouldn't be completed without DUCKY and all his stories. What a great cast. Ducky makes is so intresting and you play such a great role. I think you are doing a wounderful job. I love the show. You and the rest of the cast look like yall have alot of fun and yall are close like a family. You make the show feel loved... Thank you for all your hard work. You and the cast has made it my favorie show of all times. I watch and record every show so I don't miss it.
  • Extemely talented.

    Another talented cast member from NCIS. David McCallum plays Dr. Mallard ( Ducky) on this show, and he too brings something special to this show. I love his character, and how he plays it. Ducky always tells everyone stories about things, a lot of time pretty random things, even though almost no one ever wants to hear them. If I would be there, I would love for Ducky to tell me stories. I have never seen David in anything else, but I just know that whatever character he plays, he nails it. I hope to see more of him, and that he continues his awesome roll as Ducky for a while.
  • One of the best actors ever, past or present.

    David McCallum does an amazing job of playing Ducky, the medical examiner, on the hit TV show NCIS. I don't think the show would be half as entertaining if he wasn't in it. David McCallum truly stands out among today's television actors. I have seen him in guest starring roles on the shows Matlock and Murder, She Wrote. Both times he did a very good acting job. Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of seeing him on the show, The Man From U.N.C.L.E due to the fact that it was a bit before my time and because it is not shown on TV. However, if they ever decide to show the reruns on TV, I will definitely tune in just to see David McCallum!
  • David McCallum is a brilliant actor currently in his element as Dr. Mallard in CBS Drama NCIS. He has made this character into his own, and noone else could replace him as Ducky, and that is a true measure of an Actor.

    David Was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1933, and went to school in Hampstead. In his life McCallum has starred in over 30 films and has been a Star or Recurring Star in almost 10 Television Series. He is best known for his roles as 'Illya Kuryakin' in 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.', and 'Dr. Donald Mallard' in NCIS; According to the behind-the-scenes feature on the Season 1 NCIS DVD, McCallum has become something of an expert in forensics from his time playing Dr. Mallard, and has apeared at medical examiner conventions. Bellisario says McCallum's knowledge became so vast that Bellisario once considered making him a technical advisor. The role on NCIS is something that McCallum has shone in, a real standout; Great Actor.
  • amazing, talented actor

    David McCallum as Ducky Mallard on NCIS is phenominal. He does a great job portraying the character. I also heard he really learned how to be a ME, medical examiner. I have never seen him in any other roles, but I'm sure he's great in them. I heard he played the voice of some character on the Replacements, which is a little sad. He is so talented and he plays on something so...unprofessional. Anyways, he is a great actor and really does an amazing job as Doctor Mallard and I love seeing him in every episode of NCIS. He brings something special to the show.
  • David McCallum is another great actor and is great in his most recent role as Dr Ducky Mallard in NCIS.

    David McCallum is probably best know for playing roles like Illya Kuryakin in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. for the older generations but know he is getting very well known for his most recent role as the Medical Examiner Dr Ducky Mallard in CBS drama NCIS. He is great in this role and really informs you about the forensic pathology in the cases. He also brings humour with Ducky's stories and adds a British touch to a great show - which is always a good thing! I throughly recommend anything that David has been in (and that is a lot) as he is a great actor and anything he has been in would be great too.
  • David McCallum does such a great job in NCIS as Donald Mallard 'Ducky' in NCIS!

    David McCallum does such a great job in NCIS as Donald Mallard 'Ducky' in NCIS! He always has stories to tell about his past crimes and bodies as an ME. He has had 2 assistants: Gerald and now currently Palmer. Ducky is such a kind person. He is so sweet - even if he does talk alot! :D
  • I believe the show would be a disaster without "Ducky"...

    I haven't been able to watch each week, but manage to twice a month [work schedule]I don't believe we seeing enough of "Ducky" though--without this character it wouldn't be nearly as interesting. To me this character has sort of a Sherlock Holmes thing going and is much better than "Quincy" although it was good at that time. I do love the bow tie!
  • I believe the show would be a disaster without "Ducky"...

    I haven't been able to watch each week, but manage to twice a month [work schedule]I don't believe we are seeing enough of "Ducky" though--without this character it wouldn't be nearly as interesting. To me this character has sort of a Sherlock Holmes charm going and is much better than "Quincy", although it was good at that time. I do love the bow tie!
  • 35 yr is a very long time between hits, and it is a great joy to see The Man from UNCLE (circa 1968)popular once again. McCallum has done nothing in the last three decades if not improve his craft.

    David McCallum was a handsome and somewhat intriguing star in the 1960s during UNCLE's run. Now, over 3 decades later, he fills the role of a solid back-up 'character' to NCIS'(Mark Harmon)lead. I find "Ducky" absolutely indispensable to the well-rounded cast. Remember that the lovely and charming Sasha Alexander's Kate was killed off because the show was said to be too much work for her-- and McCallum just keeps on ticking like a Swiss watch. God forbid he too should leave the show too soon (and this is written after Episode One of 2005 where he is shown, before closing credits,in the crosshairs of an assassin's weapon). A standing ovation to 'Ducky', who'd be harder to replace than Jethro Gibbs himself!
  • Hi I would love to say he is absolutely georgeous and sexy but my Dad would have a Fit if he were alive.

    David McCallum and his Brother played with my Dad and his brothers as Kids in Rolland street Maryhill Glasgow. My Uncle Jamsie ( sparrow ) is ages with David and my Dad said they were pals.
    David lived with his Brother at their Auntie\'s in Roland Street as their parents were away a lot with th phillharmonic Orchestra. If you can read this (Mr McCallum) David I wonder if you remember Rolland street. My aunties used to always use their rashions to bake for the street.