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  • If I could, I'd have rated him a 12! What a great actor. I could not believe when I read his age. Whodda thunk it? Are they sure that's not a misprint? No way he's 77. NO WAY.

    I've loved David since he starred in the Man from U.N.C.L.E. He's played many wonderful roles since that one, including this one on NCIS. He played on Law & Order and he did such a great job there, too. Whatever role he plays, he's totally believable. Unlike some actors that get stereotyped into a certain character role, David hasn't. He's played each and every character amazingly well. I absolutely love him as Ducky. He's definitely one of my faves on the show, which is saying a lot because they are all amazing actors/actresses. As I said in my summary, I could not believe it when I read his age. He doesn't look anywhere close to 77. I'd say I hope I look that good when I'm his age, but heck, I don't look that good now and I'm decades younger! David definitely has a lot to be proud of with his acting career.