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  • Trivia

    • David studied at the Royal Academy of Music. His choices of instruments were oboe and English horn. He made 4 albums for Capitol: "Music...A Part of Me", "Music: A Bit More of Me", "Music-It's Happening Now", and "McCallum". All 4 were produced by the legendary David Axelrod and arranged by the equally redoubtable H.B. Barnum. He composed many of the tracks.

    • David's sons with Jill Ireland, Valentine and Paul McCallum, are both actors.

    • David recorded the album "It's Happening Now!" in 1967.

    • David recorded the album "A Bit More of Me" in 1966.

    • David's stage appearances include: Amadeus, Communicating Doors, The Hunting of the Snark, Comedians, and The Lion in Winter.

    • David came to America in 1961 to play Judas Iscariot in George Stevens' The Greatest Story Ever Told.

    • In 2000, David starred in Julias Ceasar as the big man himself in a production in Central Park.

    • David appeared in the off-Broadway show Comedians in 2003.

    • David enlisted in the Royal West African Frontier Force on the African Gold Coast in the early '50s.

    • David is proficient at playing several instruments.

    • David appeared on stage in Australia when he appeared in the play Run For Your Wife during 1987 and 1988, when the production toured the country.

    • David introduced his first wife, Jill Ireland, to her second husband, Charles Bronson, during the filming of The Great Escape.

    • Of the three original stars of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., David is the only one who never appeared on the spin-off series The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.

    • In 1969, David was nominated for the Emmy for Outstanding Single Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for: Teacher, Teacher (1969).

    • In January 2003 David played "Bert Challenor" in Comedians, a play by Trevor Griffiths. It was at the Samuel Beckett Theater in New York City, New York, USA.

    • David used to do radio commercials for Land Rover.

    • David earned superb reviews in 1998 for a key role supporting Mary-Louise Parker in the off-Broadway hit, Communicating Doors.

    • David had a hit #117 on the Billboard Singles Charts in 1966 with the single "Communication" on Capitol Records.

    • David has two grandchildren.

    • David lives on Long Island, New York.

    • Both David and his The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964) co-star, Robert Vaughn, each appeared in a John Sturges film starring Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and James Coburn, although not the same film. McCallum appeared in The Great Escape (1963) and Vaughn appeared in The Magnificent Seven (1960).

    • David's hobbies include golf and computing.

    • David's mother was Dorothy Dorman, a cellist.

    • David has five children: Jason, Paul, and Valentine with first wife Jill, and Peter and Sophie with current wife Katherine. Jason died in 1985.

    • David and ex-wife Jill's adopted son Jason died November 7, 1985 from an accidental drug overdose.

    • David was married to actress Jill Ireland from 1957 until their divorce in 1967. They had three children together.

    • David has one sibling, an older brother named Iain.

    • David's father is Concertmaster and violinist David McCallum, Sr..

    • David has been married to Katherine Carpenter since September of 1967. They have two children together.

  • Quotes

    • David: (On America) In a few hundred years you have achieved in America what it took thousands of years to achieve in Europe. Mind, you borrowed some things, but the American way of life has a different pulse, the pulse of what's going on. I like that.

    • (on being mobbed by fans)
      David: I came to New York once and I'd never been in Central Park. I went for a walk and it took two police on horseback to rescue me. There was a form of insanity about it all.... it was scary and it was enjoyable.

    • David: We've given the NCIS an identity which it didn't have before because nobody knew about it. I'm just hoping that by giving the NCIS greater recognition the government will put its budgets up.

    • David: (On his character, 'Ducky') I love what he does, I like the humour of his mind. I like the fact that he that he rambles on but, more than that, he's given me the opportunity to learn so much.

    • David: I find it very emotionally disturbing when fellow actors get shot. It's very traumatic.