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David McIlwraith

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  • If ever an actor filled a role to perfection this is one of those performances

    By some a highly under rated character, but to others the most important ingredient in the show. His performance is that he captivates one imagination in relation to the other characters in the show, we know who the day students are and the Vampire students, but to descibe him is a completely different matter,even now after the show has been stopped for 8 years still nobody knows who or what he really is? A tribute to the way David Mcilwraith played this character, really terrific.The mystic that unravels in the episodes is fantastic but that only really begins after episode 3 with "A Grave Matter". The one draw back of the show was that the episodes were far to short, every episodes is roughly 22 min and in such a short time span to have left this kind of impression can one imagine what would have happened if they had been twice as long.Just hope that someone realizes the injustice done in cancelling show only after one season and decides to re-start again, who knows what might happen. It really appeals to the more intelligent Vampire lovers the plot of the shows takes along a fascinating journey of Vampire lore are they only really blood sucking savages, in Angel, buffy , Vampire Knight they are injoyable but you lose interest very quickly, its always the same kill the demon slay the vampire, catch the murderer, where as in this show those tiny intricacies make it quite delectable and leaving you with a craving for more.moreless