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    • David Mirkin believes the point of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes is to make them funny, but also, to scare the hell out of the audience.

    • When Mirkin was a child, he watched lots of violent cartoons such as Bugs Bunny and Popeye.

    • One of Mirkin's favourite films is The Graduate (1967).

    • He was influenced by Monty Python.

    • Mirkin is left-handed.

    • Mirkin was the executive producer/showrunner for The Simpsons during its fifth and sixth seasons (1993 – 1995). He still works part time for the show, helping with the re-write process. He also was the Executive Producer for two episodes in the ninth season of The Simpsons. These were:"The Joy of Sect" and "All Singing, All Dancing".

    • Mirkin's first job writing for television was on the American version of Three's Company. From this, Mirkin got a cat which appeared in one of the episodes. The creature was named T.C., short for "Televised Cat".

    • Mirkin has directed two successful feature films. These are: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997) starring Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino and Heartbreakers (2001) starring Sigourney Weaver and Gene Hackman. He also directed the James Taylor (who is one of Mirkin's favorite musicians) video "Enough to be on Your Way".

    • Mirkin is a vegetarian and belongs to several animal groups.
      According to the DVD commentary of The Simpsons' episode "Lisa The Vegetarian"(season 7), Mirkin thought that the writer of that particular episode, David S. Cohen, wrote it in honour of Mirkin's recent at the time (1995) decision to become a vegetarian. In fact, Cohen came up with the idea when he was supposed to be working on another episode.

    • David is a ham radio operator. His former callsign, WA3QIZ, is also used by Simpsons character Seymour Skinner.

  • Quotes

    • David: We love doing parodies and that again is one of the fantastic things about doing animation. It is that basically it is budgetless. When I would do live action, I would do certain amount of parodies in that, either in a sketch show or in "Get a Life" or something like that, and you had to worry about how much the set was going to cost, how long it was going to take you to shoot it. But here we can do parodies shot by shot, just like a movie.