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  • David Mitchell is a great all round performer.

    David is a great actor and no-one else could play his role in Peep Show half as well as him. He is also really witty and clever when he is on panel shows such as Would I Lie to You?, QI or Mock the Week. I love it when he gets all het up about things on these shows and starts on his rants - and usually I agree with him!
    He's also really good looking and sweet. He's got such a lovely smile and a cut laugh. He sometimes comments about being single but it's beyond my why he is.
  • How are there not more reviews here? The man is a legend already! Intelligent comedy gold. Watch everything he is in!

    I admire and respect David Mitchell on so many levels. Clearly an intellectual, exceedingly hilarious and not to mention, rather handsome and sweet to boot. He is just perfect in every role I've seen him portray – nobody else could be Mark Corrigan as convincingly as David. Coupled up with Robert Webb is simply double the pleasure! He is fantastic in the various panel/game shows he participates in; in fact it is this environment in which his astuteness gets its prime opportunity to shine. His 'rants' are marvellous! Alas, he's not always in the best programs to be honest. "Blunder" and "Jam and Jerusalem" I tolerated purely to watch him – if he hadn't been in them, I'd have given them a wide berth. And quite why he's 'famously single' I'll never know... I would. ;)
  • This man is sexual!!!

    This man is sexual.. Hes a good actor too.. He isnt a great singer but he does it for charity so i admire him for that.. He is always looking good and he is always smiling.. I like him aswell because he made his career for himself, it wasnt just by relatives in the business.. I think he looked nicest on celeb your a star with the blond dots in his hair. they really suited him.. He is one of the only good actors in fair city.. Ive never seen peep show.. but im sure he looks gorgous in that too..