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  • Plays the snide, quick witted, initially off-putting, smart Alec.

    While I have had limited awareness of most of his acting jobs, he has been focal on two of my favorite shows, Dawson's Creek and then again on Crossing Jordan. On Dawson's Creek his role was ground breaking, playing a gay teenager, and he was great, not based on the gay aspect, but on his acting abilities. He is very talented at his craft, and smooth in his deliveries, with every line you become a fan of his character no matter what the angle they are playing him. And on Crossing Jordan he was brought in as the detective that isn't personable, and does his job his way! While on Crossing Jordan I would have enjoyed having his character involved in several more episodes, he joined the team flawlessly and delivered a character that not only way fun to watch, but was so completely different, and indifferent to what others thought you couldn't help but enjoy they way his scenes flowed.