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  • He did a great job as Sanji in One Piece. I personally try to do his voice when I read the manga.

    Nobody should disrespect David Moo for doing the voice of Sanji the way 4kids wanted him to do it. Plus I think it was a cool voice. In the words of Sanji. "Wait a sec I am the best chef in the world." And you know what, David Moo made me believe he was. That and Sanji loved the goyls. lol That was always a funny line. Even now I want to be a voice over. I try to do all the voices of One Piece. But the one I try to do my best at is David Moos Sanji voice. So if you ever read this Mr. Moo you are one of the reasons I continue trying to do voices. Thanks!!!moreless
  • Never again...

    Okay, I am not going to be the least bit mad at this guy for destroying Sanji only because it's not his fault. He was doing his job. He just should have quit when a whole bunch of people started trash-taling him, and can you blame them? He is the absolute worst voice actor ever! He's the only one worse than Luffy's current voice actor. I'm okay with him doing his job and all, but never again should he be allowed to voice anyone on TV. I'm sure his voice would sound better in real life, not on TV. Oh, wait, he did so-called "Mark", did he not? I'm too late!moreless