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  • He did a great job as Sanji in One Piece. I personally try to do his voice when I read the manga.

    Nobody should disrespect David Moo for doing the voice of Sanji the way 4kids wanted him to do it. Plus I think it was a cool voice. In the words of Sanji. "Wait a sec I am the best chef in the world." And you know what, David Moo made me believe he was. That and Sanji loved the goyls. lol That was always a funny line. Even now I want to be a voice over. I try to do all the voices of One Piece. But the one I try to do my best at is David Moos Sanji voice. So if you ever read this Mr. Moo you are one of the reasons I continue trying to do voices. Thanks!!!
  • Never again...

    Okay, I am not going to be the least bit mad at this guy for destroying Sanji only because it's not his fault. He was doing his job. He just should have quit when a whole bunch of people started trash-taling him, and can you blame them? He is the absolute worst voice actor ever! He's the only one worse than Luffy's current voice actor. I'm okay with him doing his job and all, but never again should he be allowed to voice anyone on TV. I'm sure his voice would sound better in real life, not on TV. Oh, wait, he did so-called "Mark", did he not? I'm too late!
  • Ugh! This guy completely KILLED Sanji in One Piece, I swear.

    How in the world could anyone say that this guy is a good voice actor? If you were to compare the original voice of Sanji to the dubbed Sanji, original would win hands down. Sanji sounds like a demented Bugs Bunny from Brooklyn with a headcold! That is NOT how it's supposed to be!! Couldn't they have picked someone better? I can't even WATCH One Piece anymore thanks to this guy. I HOPE he reads the reviews he gets.
  • Ugh! David Moo sucks big time!

    Ugh! David Moo sucks big time! He makes his characters sound like sick 10 year olds! I'm a huge fan of The Slayers series but watching the show in english than in japanese, big difference with the expressions. Akira Ishida[Xellos] will have a big part full of emotion then when David Moo does the same part he makes it sound like that Xellos don't care and is just pure blood evil. [though,Xellos is some what evil] ANd when doing the part of Sanji, OMG! That was the first time that I heard his voice and I hated it then before I even knew who he was! He acually makes Sanji sound kinda drunk-ish. It's bad enough that they cut Sanji's cigarret but make his voice sound crappy? What else can David Moo destroy before people notice how much he sux!
  • David Moo is one of my favorite voices actors ever since I heard him voice over the dubbed version of Slayers Next as Xelloss.

    When I first heard David Moo he was doing the voice of Xelloss. Now alot of people didn't like the voice that David gave him, but I liked it. It sounded annoying on which the english Xelloss was suppose to be like. So i belive truely that David did a great job on the voice acting bit.Hey he got the job, right! So that means he did something good at his auditcans. And believe me I don't care what anyone says I believe David did the best that he was asked for and he made it to be Xelloss for two seasons and thats good enough proof for me to tell me that he was good.