David Morrissey





6/21/1964 , Liverpool, England

Birth Name




David Morrissey is the youngest of four children born to a working class Liverpudlian family. He grew up on a Council Estate in Knotty Ash. His father died at home when David was only 14.

David left school at 16 shortly after failing his 11-plus. He joined his home town's Everyman's Youth theatre. His first television work came that year when he played Billy in One Summer. He then went to Africa before joining RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) about a year after his debut. In 1988, David joined the Royal Shakespeare Company and stayed there for two years.

Mostly known for his television work Framed (1992), Holding On (1997), Blackpool (2004) and Cape Wrath (2007, known as Meadowlands in the USA) to name a few; but David has also worked on Hollywood movies though he is often thought of as a British television actor.

David owns Tubedale Films a producing company with his wife novelist Esther Freud, his brother Paul, Carl Clifton and Stuart Hatwell. David has directed The Pool (2009) for the company. He has also directed for other companies those include short movies Bring Me Your Love (2000) and A Secret Audience (1998); and feature length movies Passer By (2004, TV), Sweet Revenge (2001, TV).

David and Esther live in Islington with their three children: Albie, Anna and Gene.