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    • David: (On how much "One Summer" has influenced his fellow actor and his fans in general) I get it in retrospect. Because at the time I wasn't aware of that at all. In Liverpool I remember it being very big, but in a cultish sort of way. A lot of young kids liked it - and again people of my age. It sort of captured the imagination. But never in my wildest dreams did I think that other people in the rest of the country were having that reaction as well. Then I came down to London and to drama school and people in drama school said to me they'd watched it and thought it was fantastic. So I hadn't really understood the impact that it had had. Really it wasn't until - you know over the years it was the one thing that people kept coming back at me and saying 'Oh I remember you when you did that and that was great' and with all the work I've done since - I get letters from people saying how much they've enjoyed that, and that they'd know of me since I was in One Summer. It's so weird you know. Obviously it's had - the website has proved it - it's stuck in people's minds.