David Morse

David Morse


10/11/1953, Hamilton, Massachusetts, USA

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David Morse


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A boyish, curly-haired character player of TV and several films, David is best known for his role as the amiable Dr. Jack 'Boomer' Morrison on the long-running TV drama St. Elsewhere. The New England native got his start with the Boston Repertory Theatre in 1971. After six years,…more


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    • David: (what made him decide to take on the role in Hack) When CBS asked me if I would think about doing a series, I told them I didn't want to go to L.A., I didn't want to go to Canada, or anything like that. They were open to doing something in Philadelphia. I was considering New York, but if they would do Philadelphia, then I would think about it. So, they sent me a couple scripts, both of them written for New York.

    • David: I do like playing bad guys...I've always been more comfortable with roles that take me away from myself. It's much more interesting.

    • David: I don't care about celebrity...I don't care about getting a good table. I don't know that I care about anything else but getting access to roles that make me believe in something.

    • David: One of the weird things is that I see cab drivers in Philadelphia drive by with a picture of me on top of their cabs, and they'll give me the nod while their passengers open their windows and wave. It's surreal.

    • David: It's frustrating to hear people say, 'Oh yeah, he's great, but we're not going to finance a film with him as the lead.......St. Elsewhere brought me movie offers, but they would not let me out of the contract, and by the time it ended, I was so identified with that character [Dr. Boomer Morrison], I couldn't get any other roles. And I need roles. Never mind the money, never mind the fame - it's the roles.

  • Why can't there be more actors like David Morse?!

    It is amazing the kinds of roles that David plays, and does them so well. My favorite role of his is him portraying the father of our country in the John Adams miniseries. My heart literally stopped when I saw him on screen during the second part. Not only did he embody Washington well, I felt as though he has come back to life through David's portrayal. Not to mention the fact that he seems really humble in his interviews. Great Actor + Decent Man = David Morse! BTW, he was really creepy in Disturbia. Highly recommend it to those who have not seen it!moreless
  • Another very talented, underrated actor.

    David Morse, totally, hands down, a very talented actor. Is one of the best in my book and is very much underrated. He has worked along side of some the greatest actors of all time, and has made some of the greatest actors look terrible. How this very underrated actor steps in and steals the scene. It is just a scheme, that he does not get enough credit. A very gorgeous, talented actor, who has captured roles of many different types. From horrible, scary villain to incredible, highly respected hero, is so underrated. I enjoy his movies, and wish they would bring his show "Hack" back.moreless