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    • David: (what made him decide to take on the role in Hack) When CBS asked me if I would think about doing a series, I told them I didn't want to go to L.A., I didn't want to go to Canada, or anything like that. They were open to doing something in Philadelphia. I was considering New York, but if they would do Philadelphia, then I would think about it. So, they sent me a couple scripts, both of them written for New York.

    • David: I do like playing bad guys...I've always been more comfortable with roles that take me away from myself. It's much more interesting.

    • David: I don't care about celebrity...I don't care about getting a good table. I don't know that I care about anything else but getting access to roles that make me believe in something.

    • David: One of the weird things is that I see cab drivers in Philadelphia drive by with a picture of me on top of their cabs, and they'll give me the nod while their passengers open their windows and wave. It's surreal.

    • David: It's frustrating to hear people say, 'Oh yeah, he's great, but we're not going to finance a film with him as the lead.......St. Elsewhere brought me movie offers, but they would not let me out of the contract, and by the time it ended, I was so identified with that character [Dr. Boomer Morrison], I couldn't get any other roles. And I need roles. Never mind the money, never mind the fame - it's the roles.