David Moscow

David Moscow


11/14/1974, New York, New York, USA

Birth Name

David Raphael Moscow


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David Moscow is an American actor from New York City, New York, who started his career in television when he was only 12-years-old. Born in 1974, Moscow appeared on two episodes of the prime-time hit comedy series, Kate & Allie, co-starring actress Jane Curtin, in 1986. The teenager…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He is engaged to actress Kerry Washington (2007).

    • Growing up, he would usually get casted as the funny friend or kid-next-door. But in Honey (2003), it launched a new outcome for him as the villain.

    • At the end of every week, Christian, David, and the other Newsies cast members would pull special pranks on director Kenny Ortega , many of which included filling his trailer with newspapers and soaking him with waterguns before leaving at the end of shooting.

    • His younger brother, Lev, also appeared in Newsies as an extra.

  • Quotes

    • David Moscow: (about Aaron Lohr) He was doing stuff to me!

    • David: It's pretty strenuous, because everything is really physical. All the things we do is running around, and jumping, and dancing, and singing and so it's-you get home and you're really tired and you, basically crash.

    • David Moscow: I don't make-cause trouble to anyone! Did anybody tell you that?

  • A terrific actor

    David's a really good actor. I know I overexaggerated on my last review but all I can say is this guy should make some more movies and get more roles. He's amazing at any character he plays and he's also good at singing in Newsies. Comedy, drama, romance, angst, whatever he can do it! some of his movies out there are lame but he's still great in them. I recommend watching Newsies, Big, White Wolves, David & Layla, even Honey.moreless
  • This dude is awesome!!! he's got the major acting talent and looks to get you on fire, he is just amazing and off the chain.See him in Newsies and in big,he is an extremely underrated actormoreless

    Why doesnt alot of people talk about him or even know his name! come on people? he is not just 7.5, i thought i would get atleast an 8.0 from him! its just not fair.David is talented, watch him in Newsies and in Big he is absolutely amazing! and handsome, even if no one else thinks so i do.He's got talent and looks and his portrayls are very strong.How can he just be a good or an average? Come on does anyone know his name?! he lives in his own wife's kerry's shadow.moreless