David Moscow


David Moscow Trivia


  • Trivia

    • He is engaged to actress Kerry Washington (2007).

    • Growing up, he would usually get casted as the funny friend or kid-next-door. But in Honey (2003), it launched a new outcome for him as the villain.

    • At the end of every week, Christian, David, and the other Newsies cast members would pull special pranks on director Kenny Ortega , many of which included filling his trailer with newspapers and soaking him with waterguns before leaving at the end of shooting.

    • His younger brother, Lev, also appeared in Newsies as an extra.

  • Quotes

    • David Moscow: (about Aaron Lohr) He was doing stuff to me!

    • David: It's pretty strenuous, because everything is really physical. All the things we do is running around, and jumping, and dancing, and singing and so it's-you get home and you're really tired and you, basically crash.

    • David Moscow: I don't make-cause trouble to anyone! Did anybody tell you that?