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  • Trivia

    • He said that his frequent bursts of Czech in Stargate Atlantis are 50 percent translations of the script and 50 percent his own invention.

    • He originally auditioned for the role of a Russian character on Stargate Atlantis. Days later he found out that not only had he got the part but that they had made the character Czech like himself.

    • In 2005 he was nominated for a Leo Award for Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series for the Stargate Atlantis Season 1 episode "The Storm".

    • In four years working for Misery Loves Company, David was directly involved in over seventeen productions - as actor, director, producer, and artistic director.

    • He played Brianna's Father in the 2006 mini-series Merlin's Apprentice.

    • He played Herbert in the 2005 TV Movie Pterodactyl.

    • He is 5' 8".

    • Though his character on Stargate Atlantis speaks English with a Czech accent, Nykl has a Canadian accent.

    • After his good run of acting in Prague he returned to Vancouver where he began working as a full time actor in television series, commercials, and film.

    • He co-founded Prague's best known English Language theatre company Misery Loves Company with Richard Toth and Ewan McLaren.

    • A few years after graduating university he returned to Prague where he was in KASPAR theatre In Prague as Attahualpa.

    • Created Ironworks Productions with a small group of friends from his acting in theatre.

    • Graduated with a Degree in arts and then starting his acting on the Vancouver theatre scene.

    • He attended the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. He took literature, theatre and acting class while there.

    • David Speaks 4 languages fluently - English, Czech, French and Spanish.

    • David was married in a castle in Dvorak's birthplace: Nelahozeves, Czech Republic.

  • Quotes

    • David Nykl: (On his favorite moment of season 4 of Stargate Atlantis) Oh, there's been several. There've been some really fun episodes, not the least of which was "Adrift," which just aired recently. That was a lot of fun shooting that space stuff and all the green screen stuff. The astronaut outfits were phenomenal for that, made by our set dec[oration] shop. The realism in them was fantastic. Also, all the stuff was found on the Internet. In terms of plans for the astronaut's outfits. It was really quite cool. Right down to the details of the wording on the chest being written backwards so you could flip a little mirror on the top of your glove and read the controls on your chest.

    • David Nykl: (On the possibility of cancellation of Stargate Atlantis) Yeah, it is similar in that an actor's daily bread is uncertainty. Really, we have to remember that we're in the lucky minority, us Stargate people, to be working as regularly. Even the four seasons that have been around so far. Now, of course, we're all optimistic and looking forward to a Season Five, but there are no promises. There are no guarantees. We carry on and there are contingency plans, and plans B's and C's and D's. I'm speaking for myself of course, in my head, but I think other actors have a similar trepidation. "What will happen if we don't go back?"

    • David Nykl: (On the difference between Zelenka and himself)That's an interesting question. It's obvious that there's a link because it's the same person, right? You are using characteristics that are your own. But you're obviously playing a character. So you're leaning on things that you don't necessarily, maybe, do in real life. Radek Zelenka's a scientist. He's much more careful. He tends to worry about things more than I do, tends to be much more precise about things than I do. The distinction is character-based. He's much more of a scientific mind than I think I would consider myself to be. By scientific mind, I mean the scientific approach to things. The precision, the care, the attention to detail, that sort of thing.

    • David Nykl:(On Zelanka's relationship with the other regulars of Atlantis)Well, in any case I'd certainly hope to do more. But yeah, I'm very happy with it. I've said this before. The relationship between the actor and the writers ... you don't want to give away too much. You do want to leave space for the writers to do what they want to do. So I don't want to stack the deck in terms of putting things out there that they're not intending to do. But certainly, the growth has been from a supporting character to a more regular presence. What's been happening through Season Two and now in the beginning of Season Three is I've been put together with various other regulars and working off of them -- which has been a real pleasure. I've had a chance to work with Joe [Flanigan]. I work with Dave [Hewlett] quite frequently, with Torri [Higginson] quite a lot. Yeah, the character's developing slowly but surely. That's the speed I like to go at.