David Palffy

David Palffy


3/5/1969, Canada

Birth Name

David Pálffy



Also Known As

David Palfy, David Pálffy, David Pallfy, David Palffey, David Pàlffy
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    • David Palffy: (about playing a Goa'uld on Stargate) The fun is finding a certain attribute with them that you can put on what's called an external -- a hand movement, the way they look -- that sets them apart from the human race. Even though, yes, a lot of the gods have penetrated human form, but the thing is I find there's something interesting if you can find something non-human about the way they move. But I think that's basically the difference. I mean, it's basically: you treat it the same as anything, except with playing with these gods you're able to add that extra external onto playing the character.

  • A new kind of PIMP

    David Palffy took his young girlfriend/wife and convinced this stupid young girl to sell her body through stills and movies and then he posted nude photos of her online. He invited people over to his home and offered her up for sex. A logical reason for this is porn films. David didn't mind destroying this young girl. This pervert needs to be in jail. It is noted that he never took his clothes off in the films he shot nor did he post nude pictures of himself online. I'm very glad that somebody saved this young woman.moreless