David Parnaby

David Parnaby


Ayr, Scotland

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    • David: (After being evicted) I never expected to win it but 'cos we went in half way through, but it would have been nice to have spent a couple of weeks.

    • David: Fashion is an expression of personality as well as an extension of it.

    • David: I'm pagan and work in fashion and everyone assumes I'm gay. I have experimented but I haven't chosen to be that way.

    • David: (On missing the Big Brother house) I like lying on my back with the freedom to do nothing and reverting back to a child like existence. It can be boring sometimes but you have plenty of laughs, especially with my mate Gerry. I felt a little bit childish when the twins taught me the dance to 'jingle bell rock', I thought 'oh no'. I'm a 25-year-old man. It was fantastic, I feel like I moderated my language around the twins and Brian because they were younger than me. I liked winding up the twins about haggis and telling them that they are endangered species.

    • David: The best thing about being in the House is the fun and the different kinds of people you meet.

    • David: (First words spoken in the Big Brother house) I can't believe I'm here with youse.