David Paul Grove

David Paul Grove


12/10/1958, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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  • sad he's gone

    This guy did the voice of Jonny in Ed Eddn Eddy. I loved the voice of jonny and he was the man who did it. Jonny is probably one of the funniest characters in Ed Eddn Eddy, and i just can't say how muched i loved the voiced. Its cool when he talks to plank because he's a peice of wood and Jonny thinks he is real. So anyways even thought Buck doesn't do the voice anymore, he will always be remembered as the best person for the job of Jonny in Ed Eddn Eddy. You should give Buck some respect!moreless
  • Why did the have to go?

    Buck was one of my all time favorite voice actors on the show Ed Edd n Eddy. Buck did a very good job on the voice of Johhny. Why did Buck had to stop? Buck was very cool. I love the jokes he said on Ed Edd n Eddy as Johhny. I love Buck as much as Rob paulsen, Jess harnell, Tress macneille, Tara strong, Tom kenny, Matt hill, Samuel vincent, and Tony sampson. There were lots of the cast that left from the show. I wonder how he in doing right about now? I dont know what else to say but you know what I mean when I say Buck was one of my all time favorite voice actors on the show Ed Edd n Eddy.moreless