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David "Puck" Rainey

David "Puck" Rainey

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Puck Rainey, David Rainey
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Puck and Eric Nies from the first season of The Real World: New York are close friends off of television, Puck dated his sister Tina for ahile.

    • Puck remained to appear on his season of The Real World: San Francisco, even though he was no longer living in the house.

    • Puck's house was featured on the MTV show Cribs in 2002, with the promise of 'bigger & better digs' next time around.

    • Puck appeared in a music video for the punk band Black Train Jack.

    • Puck has appeared on MTV as a guest VJ.

    • Puck is the most referenced reality star on the Internet.

    • Puck served a year in prison for assault.

    • Puck appeared in a television commercial for Surge soda.

    • Puck got into a verbal altercation with the first fellow ex-'Real Worlder' that was asked to leave the house, David on The Road Rules/Real World Battle Of The Sexes. David accused Puck of beating up on his girlfriend, and the yelling ensued, ending with Puck spitting in David's face. After Puck was not asked to leave the show for violating the rules, David walked off.

    • Puck was featured in an article covering the birth of his second child in People magazine on August 15, 2006.

    • Puck runs a granite company out of northern California to earn his living, he also is a freelance photographer for various publications.

    • Puck is an avid Soapbox Derby fanatic, mountain biker, and rollerblader in his free time.

    • Puck appeared in the Eminem music video 'Without Me' along with Kathy Griffin, and several other reality television stars.

    • Puck refers to himself in the third person when speaking.

    • Puck had a short and volatile romance with his fellow housemate Rachel Campos, that ended on a sour note.

    • Puck became only the second 'Real Worlder' to be kicked out of the house before the season was finished. When Puck's disregard for an ailing Pedro's health became an issue, Pedro issued an ultimatum, him or Puck. After a house meeting, Puck was asked to leave the house over a speakerphone.

    • Puck was the last house mate to show up in The Real World: San Francisco house, he was hit by an opening car door as he was delivering messages as a 'bike messenger', his profession. When police showed up at the scene of the accident, they ran Puck's name, and arrested him for an outstanding warrant.

    • Puck prides himself on his gross habits, his trademark is the 'snot rocket', however, he also doesnt like to use soap when he showers, and eats with his hands, refusing to use utensils.

    • His wife had a 2nd son named Rocco Kokopelli Rainey on August 6th.

    • He has a son, Bogart, with wife Betty. They have been married since 2002.

    • Puck married his fiance Betty, on MTV's Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Sexes, in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Eric Nies, from The Real World, New York was his best man.

  • Quotes

    • Puck: I am telling America, no....the world, that I am going to be the biggest name in reality television fifty years from now, no one will forget the trail that I have blazed.

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