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David Radford

David Radford


3/22/1988, Crystal Lake, Illinois

Birth Name

David William Radford


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David William Radfor was born on March 22, 1988 in Crystal Lake, Illinois. He is currently a senior at Crystal Lake Central High School, where he has starred in several of the school's theatre productions, such as "Guys and Dolls." David starred in American Idol as one of…more


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  • Good Crooner

    David William Radford is an amazing talent and he was also on the 5th season of the hit reality TV show American idol. He was only placed #18 but that is something for a show that auditions thousands all over America every year. David Radford was a senior when he auditioned for America Idol which comes a lot of pressure because with all the studies and working on the show, it really is a huge challenge and he managed to live through the few weeks he had stay on the show. He is an amazing crooner and I would probably listen to his music when and if he come sout with an album or single.moreless