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David Rambo

David Rambo


Pottstown, Pennsylvania

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David Rambo was born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania in 1955 and raised in nearby Spring City, developing a lifelong interest in literature and art that is due in no small part to having had a mother and grandmother who were librarians. After acting in several Philadelphia area productions, he…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • David is revered as one of the major forces for developing the Grissom-Sara relationship for the show CSI. Fans of this relationship research episodes weeks in advance to find out if David wrote them.

    • David is a member of the Dramatists Guild, ASCAP, and Writers Guild of America, West.

    • David lives in Los Angeles with partner Theodore Heyck, a lawyer.

    • The premiere of The Ice Breaker, a two-character play exploring the relationship between a reclusive climate scientist and an admiring assistant, occurred simultaneously at Magic Theatre in San Francisco, Phoenix Theatre in Indianapolis and the New Rep in Cambridge in early 2007.

    • David was commissioned by the Geffen Playhouse to write a new book for its highly successful revival of the Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe musical Paint Your Wagon.

    • David's one-woman play based on the life and letters of Ann Landers, The Lady With All the Answers, opened at the Old Globe in San Diego in August 2005.

    • David first experience in writing for television was the episode "Butterflied" for the show CSI. It was the highest rated TV program of the week.

    • David completed his play God's Man In Texas in February of 1998, in a cabin in mountain resort town of Lake Arrowhead.

    • On Dr. Lurie's (from CSI's episode "Butterflied") possible return: I have to believe that Lurie will kill again, and should that happen, I'd love for it to be in Las Vegas where Gil Grissom and his team could nail him.

    • The CSI character that David was most hesitant to write was Greg Sanders because he "...had doubts about understanding his world, and getting his language and point of view right."

    • David Rambo is extremely courteously with fans, taking the time to answer e-mails personally.

  • Quotes

    • David Rambo: I like plays that draw you in in oblique ways—plays which are a tapestry of events, people, motivations, incidents, and settings. I love the kind of complexity that sneaks up on you, and that is what I try to achieve in my work.

    • David Rambo: Part of the enduring appeal of Sunset Boulevard and other movies about movies is that they speak to those times when each of us feels like an outsider. The outrageousness and improbability of both the movies and the people who make them are a metaphor for the post-war world set on its head, where reality is myth, and myth, reality.

    • David Rambo: (On the movie Sunset Boulevard) A high point of my first months in Los Angeles was catching a big-screen showing of the film in the fraying, dozy Vagabond Theatre.

    • David: (On adapting All About Eve for the stage) The lives of each of us in the room – actors, producers, director, assistants – intersected at that moment because we love the theatre. All About Eve was part of our mythology, our inspiration. And as the words left the pages and burst into the air we shared that afternoon, something entirely familiar, yet excitingly new, took form.

    • David: It's great having a swell job in TV and seeing my plays produced in the theater.

    • David: (on the relationship between "CSI"'s Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle) I think Grissom's yearning for Sara is real – but the job, and his self-doubts always get in the way. Most crimes are committed between people who already have a close relationship. It would be impossible to spend every day investigating those relationships and not think about your own. I try to depict this obliquely, rather than head-on, which I think is more interesting and involving for the viewer.

    • David: (on the possibility of some character development of "CSI" character Sara Sidle) I'd love to see her mother today, years after her crime and court-ordered treatment. I do think Sara and her mother must be close – twin survivors of a nightmare, but I doubt if they ever talk about the killing of Sara's father.

    • On writing plays and writing for CSI: That's a pretty time-consuming job. I love that show, but I also love the theater, which is why I write plays. If I didn't love it, I wouldn't do it.

    • On CSI's studio move from Santa Clarita to Universal City: [The Universal Studios lot] is a great place to throw ideas around. We call it the 'murder factory.

  • David Rambo, The GSR God

    The only way i can think of to say how amazing this man is, is making a list of the great GSR moments he brought to the show, and with which we SQUEEEEEE like never before....

    1. He wrote Butterflied, Butterflied is known as *the* GSR episode, GSR shippers use a Butterfly to symbol the Geek love, all thanks to this episode.

    2. The cocoon... Even though we never saw it hatch, the moment was great!

    3. The scene with Hank in the bedroom where Sara finally reads the letter... seriously, i can only think in 7 letters: P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

    4. The proposal scene... Best GSR moment so far!

    5. Wait? that's it???? well 4 words to that:

  • Not as prolific as some of the other CSI writers, but definitely high-quality!

    David Rambo consistently delivers the type of writing that keeps CSI the best show currently on television. According to his website, David's first venture into writing for television was the CSI episode, "Butterflied," which is one of the highest-rated episodes at tv.com.

    David is able to touch on the personal lives of the characters without turning the show into a soap opera or creating annoying amounts of insert favorite CSI name here-drama that take away from the main purpose of the show: the science. "Kiss Kiss Bye Bye" is a perfect example of David's writing prowess, bringing the Greg character to new depth in an engrossing case.

    Hopefully we'll see much more CSI from David Rambo this season and in the future!moreless