David Rees Snell

David Rees Snell


8/20/1966, Wichita, Kansas, USA

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David Reese Snell, David Snell
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Snell was born in Wichita, KS and is a notable actor and voice actor. He started in TV movies in 1993 with I Can Make You Love Me, but is best known for his role as Ronnie Gardocki on The Shield. He lent his voice to such notable…more


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    • David Rees Snell: I came to Hollywood right out of college and found I could not get anyone to see me. You'd do a play and literally no one would come see it. Finally I decided the whole city was a pyramid scheme. The actors were at the bottom of the pyramid and their paltry dollars (paid to agents, etc.) ran the whole industry.

    • David Rees Snell: (about The Shield ending) There is no right time to end it! I mean I never thought the show could go this long and be of the quality that it is. Since it has, why can't it just keep going? [Laughs] I'm going to be very sad when the show ends. I'm kind of pretending like it's not going to be over, while financially preparing for the fact that it is going to be over.

    • David Rees Snell: It was great, it was great. Well, Jay [Karnes] and I went to college together. So we started working together a long, long time ago. So it was really fun. To have been on this show for this amount of time with Jay was just amazing; to go to college together and then end up on the show together was just amazing.

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    In 1984, we were in the play 1984 together. His first audition, David landed the lead role and discovered his talent. This proves the worth of high school arts programs. It is good to see an old friend whenever I watch The Shield on Hulu.