David Reyne

David Reyne


5/14/1959, Africa

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David Reyne is Australia's new male face for national morning television. As co-host of Network Ten's 9am With David And Kim, David brings over 20 years experience as travel reporter, writer, actor and musician to an exciting programme of interviews, information and entertainment. After just six months on…more


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    • David: (about Golden Fiddles) It's a very different look for me - the first period piece I've played. It's wonderful when you put on all the clothes, slick back the hair and immerse yourself in something different.

    • David: I'd like to be known as a good actor. I'd like to be known as a good song writer.

    • David: I like to eat food which is unique to the places I visit.

    • David: (growing up with brother James) Oh, it was pretty good. We always used to be in the same football team and things like that. He used to beat me up a lot...you know, very normal.

    • David: I was training to be a director, but I found myself working in front of the camera quite a bit. I really started enjoying acting, so I moved into that area.

    • David: (on writing) You're a slave to editors. You have sat there for hours thinking of the perfect word, and they change it!

    • David: I like dancing. I'm not a technical dancer mind you - I've never learnt dancing but I enjoy it, when I've got the vibe. Being a drummer, I suppose I like to move and groove to the beat.

    • David: I'm a bit of a luxury freak - I love luxury hotels. I hate camping...I really hate camping.

    • David: (on appearing grumpy on 9am With David And Kim) I was just being honest and it's got me in a lot of trouble! Certain TV executives have pleaded with me to cheer up. But I can't bear phoney TV people - can't bear them!