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David Richardson

David Richardson


3/20/1987, Auckland, New Zealand

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David Richardson has always had a passion for all forms of theatre. At ten he took dancing classes in Hip Hop, Body Movement and other forms of dance. David began his acting career at the age of fourteen in his first year of High School. Joining many after-school…more


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  • Utterly disappointly. Shorter than 5'12. Freaky little man, with a huge ego. Talks only about himself. Potential actor.

    Unfortunately I met this guy at a bar and all he did was talk about himself. He was very creepy, to the extent that he nearly was a stalker. His only topic of conversation was himself and how great of a actor he was. Really, I do not think that this is the case. I have seen the parallex series and why I would like to commend his efforts I would like to point out his lack of connection with the other characters made it uncomfortable to watch.

    I do believe that David could have the potential to be a great actor, in a silent movie with a pitch black screen.moreless