David Ruffin

David Ruffin


1/18/1941, Whyknot, Mississippi



Birth Name

Davis Eli Ruffin


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David Ruffin was born on Jan. 18, 1941 in Whyknot, Miss. A small town outside of Meridian, Miss. He was the younger brother of Jimmy Ruffin who in 1960 had a hit song with "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted". David was in a gospel group as a…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • timeline 1964-1968 , THE DAILY

    David Ruffin- best singer ever as male vocalist a young man with a tenor/baritone voice that could knock the socks off your feet. 1964, Ruffin joined the temptations after release of his first 45 single this young man was no starter Singer/Performer infront of camera's nor microphone appearance's. Ruffin w/the Temptations was a golden opportunity to showcase his talent, growing up in a church with brother Jimmy Ruffin singer also who encouraged him to audition for the lead vocal position. Ruffin already knew a cousin that was apart of the Temptation before arriving and his entrance would be almost transparent.

    1965 "My Girl" crossover breakthrough; 1965-1967 string of hits 1966 "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" "Just my Imagnation" "I Wish It Would Rain" " Papa Was A Rollen Stone" "Your My Everything" "The WayYou Do The Things You Do" "Beauty Is Only Skin Deep" Ruffin grew in love with a habit that took him out of the spot light as lead singer for the Temptations and landed a single solo position at first with still the famous promoter/manager for Motown Barry Gordy who couldn't risk letting Ruffin go, Ruffin would climb on stage after voted out by the other Temptations for a no show at a booked show Ruffin indicated he needed to spend time with girlfriend ( Dean Martin's Daughter). Finally, Ruffin left the Temptations to start his series of songs which became a tremedous success my favorite "Gonna Walk Away From Love" check "YouTube" Bittey Mclean real get's down with this song as well as other's. Mr Ruffin Knew his place in Music as the "Michigan Chronicle" May 19, 1969 put's it David Ruffin "is his own man now. QUESTION: was David Ruffin really married to a Sandra Ruffin and did they have children? David Ruffin is singing "Gonna Walk Away From Love" on "Youtube".moreless
  • The lead.

    David Ruffin was a very good lead singer. In fact, he was a main reason for the Temptations success. In reality, the group wouldn't have been as big had they not included Ruffin as a lead part. The best songs that he was in tune for was "My Girl" and "Beauty is Only Skin Deep." I liked both of these songs had thought he was very much a talent. Drugs and a bad attitude was what made me sour on his personality. I know he might not have had a good childhood, so that might be it. Overall, he was a good singer. Thank you.moreless