David Sedaris

David Sedaris


12/26/1957, North Carolina

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David Sedaris currently resides in Paris, however he grew up in North Carolina with his large Greek family. Born to Lou and Sharon Sedaris, David has 4 sisters (Gretchen, Amy, Lisa and Tiffany) and 1 brother (Paul). His family features prominently in his work. David is an award…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • The New York Times says that "Sedaris is the closest thing the literary world has these days to a rock star."

    • David graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago.

    • David is an unapologetic smoker. He happily chain smokes and claims that France's relaxed attitude toward smoking was one of the factors in his decision to live there.

    • Hollywood wanted to adapt David's book (Me Talk Pretty One Day) into a movie. They had already begun casting when David decided to back out of the project. He was afraid of how his family would be portrayed.

    • David is openly gay and often writes about other's reactions to him.

    • David Sedaris has been nominated for two Grammy Awards (Best Spoken Word Album -- Dress Your Family in Corduroy & Denim and Best Comedy Album -- David Sedaris: Live at Carnegie Hall). Both nominations occurred in 2005.

    • In 2001, David won the Thurber Prize fro American Humor. In that same year, he was named "Humorist of the Year" by Time magazine.

    • David's younger sister is actress Amy Sedaris.

  • Quotes

    • David (On touring for his books): If I go on this tour and nobody makes a sound throughout the whole story, then I'll probably go backstage afterward and kill myself. I so admire people who can get up and read serious things, because, to me, if the audience isn't making noise, I'm convinced that they're not listening.

    • David: My family isn't really all that different from anyone else's. Well, maybe they're a bit more entertaining.

    • David (On Ira Glass of "This American Life"): I owe everything to Ira. My life just changed completely, like someone waved a magic wand.

    • David (On Being a Humor Writer): People ask me, 'Have you ever considered doing stand-up?' To me it would be less offensive if someone asked me, 'Have you ever considered dental implants?'

    • David: The humor section is the last place an author wants to be. They put your stuff next to collections of Cathy cartoons.

    • David: I like to reserve the right to write about whatever I like. Sometimes I have gay characters and sometimes I don't. I think it's harder if you're gay to just be known as a writer instead of being known as a gay writer. But personally I would rather be known as a writer rather than be segregated to that little corner of the bookstore.

    • David: Sometimes I worry that I never really advanced beyond adolescence. Anything that is grotesque, anything that is scatological -- I'm right there.