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  • DAvid I now know dragon fly is not just a movie.. Do you know that too?.

    Signs are everywhere we just need to be able to interpret them. I have to keep writing or my review wont be submitted. These past few weeks in my life have been full of signs. I have never been any type of religious fanatic but God is definately showing me something. I noticed some of the movies you have been a part of are not necessarily feel good type movies-like the movie ghost for example. I hope you are on the right team, the good for God kind of team. I was compelled to email you and ask you if you know God really does exist. I kept seeing a sign pointing me in your direction. God is showing me two paths. (Delight in the Lord and he shall give thee thy desires of thine heart)Psalm 37. I do pray God listens to my prayers and gives me the desires of my heart so that I can speak to you once what he has shown me has come to pass.

    God Bless

    Claudia Ivan Cortes-Gonzalezmoreless