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  • Talented, funny and gorgeous! What more could anyone want?!?

    What can I say? He's my favourite actor. Here are a few of the reasons why...

    First off, he's gorgeous. He really is a thing of beauty (and a joy forever!).

    Secondly, he's extremely funny. It's always great to see a handsome man who's not afraid to look a little less-than-perfect to get a laugh. Check out his guest appearance in Oliver Beene to see what I mean!

    Thirdly, and most importantly, he's incredibly talented. He can play parts that range from super-sweet to horribly obnoxious, from totally serious to achingly funny, from heart-throb gorgeous to completely geeky. He's also the most talented voice-over actor I've ever heard.

    "Titus" is probably the best showcase for his talents, but he's worth seeing in whatever you can.