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  • There would be no Simpsons without this guy

    David Silverman is one of the animators and directors of The Simpsons and despite his lack of fame, his merit as an animator makes one of the driving forces of the show with his direction contributing to most classic episodes.

    Silverman is one of the more unconventional directors on animated TV; his extremely energetic and quick style and use of daring designs and acting makes him the Baz Lurhman of animation. You find yourself often wishing you could analyse each frame because you know how much care and detail Silverman has lavished on it. He also broke the mold in regards to the facial expressions on the show; forget the basic floorplan of happy, sad, angry, bored....this guy threw away the rule book and penned many freakish yet a lot more realistic expressions. His biggest animation triumph however was Homer's trippy dream in "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)". In 2007, Silverman was finally able to play around with cell shading and 3D effects when he directed the Simpsons Movie, even though the movie itself wasn't that great for reasons beyond the control of anyone except the lazy writers. Because of him it was visually spectacular. As well as showing talent on the show he has made an even bigger impact behind - the - scenes; i'm sure every person who owns a Simpsons DVD would be familiar with Silverman's entertaining commentary and informative videos that give backgroud to the show; see, not every guy on the Simpsons is a recluse, *cough* Swartzwelder.

    All in all, Silverman is just an all - around great guy of TV, by bringing his flair to entertain to every area he works in, be it TV or movie animation and even the real-life stuff. Silverman is gold, man.