David Soul

David Soul


8/28/1943, Chicago Illinois USA

Birth Name

David Richard Solberg


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    • David: Music always came first. I never set out to be an actor.

    • David: One of the things that set Starsky and Hutch apart from other shows was that we grew up with a generation, in a much simpler time, a time when there were fewer channels and the family would gather round and watch a particular show together.

    • David: I'm still close friends with Starsky, Paul Michael Glaser... Once, Paul and I had to re-shoot one scene 67 times because we kept looking at each other and laughing whenever the camera was switched on. It happens on stage sometimes, but luckily the audience are very forgiving!

  • He's been growing on my.

    I have only seen David Soul in "Starsky and Hutch". When I frist saw him I really didn't like him. After watching so much of "Starsky and Hutch" he started to grow on me. I had thought that Paul was the cute one, and David wasn't even cute. So I really didn't care much for him. You know how it goes sometimes. Watch something a lot, and something will grow on you. After watching so much "Starsky and Hutch", and mainly the 4th season, David really grew on me. He was getting a lot cuter to look at.

    David is also a great actor. I may not have liked him at first, but I all ways knew that he was a great actor.moreless
  • One of the best though overrated

    I have always liked David Soul a lot due to

    Starsky & Hutch as the cool, calm, collected, and

    Very nice Ken Hutchenson affectionately known by his friends as Hutch

    But also loved him in Here Comes the Brides though he

    Is overlooked due to Bobby Sherman and I still like him

    Despite him having some personal problems in the past few years.