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  • I think we all know someone like David and you always pay attention when they talk.

    David Spade is one funny, intelligent son of a bitch. It gives him an edge and sarcasm that is rarely equaled making him all the more special. I feel his acting skills are fantastic and I never turn down an opportunity to watch. Take The Hit is my favorite. Smart, smart stuff, that guy.
  • Often doesn't get the credit he deserves

    David Spade is possibly the best dry humorist in the business. His uniquely sharp sarcasm may possibly be groundbreaking and responsible for setting new heights with that style of humor. Unfortunetely, he is often bad mouthed in the business by other people who don't get his style of humor. Loved his work on SNL, including the buh bye airline worker, receptionist, and Hollywood Minute reporter. He's done well on successful sitcoms as well (his character on Rules of Engagement may be his best sitcom work) but I do think he ought to be even more successful. It's disappointing that he's mostly stuck to sitcoms (he's been there done that) and not gone on to be a full blown movie star on par with fellow SNL stars Sandler, Ferrell, Murray, etc. It's especially disappointing when he takes on work that I think is below him (though i don't blame him) like 8 Simple Rules or Capital One commercials.
  • He should be way more famous and highly regarded then he is. I have loved all his performances. It is simply incredible that he has endured all the pain he has and is still so successful.

    He is probably best known for his work on the popular eight year long sitcom "Just Shoot Me!". I personally didn't like most of the sketches on "Saturday Night Live" I only liked the "Hollywood Minute". I love his new show "The Showbiz Show With David Spade" because it is just like the "Hollywood Minute" except longer with funnier jokes. I love knowing that he writes all the jokes himself instead of just reading them off a teleprompter. To me his best movies were "Tommy Boy" and "Dickie Roberts Former Child Star". However his other movies were good as well. Be sure to check out some of his work!
  • defenatly one of the best actors.

    I think he is funny and talented. I like all the shows he was in. I think is very talented. I think his a great actor. Everyone in my family like him alot. I think he does get alot of shows but then again I think he deserves it. I like David Spade now and will always like him in the future.
  • empty

    I think he is a good actor, and I really enjoy his acting in various movies. Some movies are very good, but some others seem just not enough for hia quality. I think that it kind of depends what kind of movie he is acting in, but overall I think that he is a good actor, and I really like his style.
  • David is an American actor. He may be best known for CJ off of 8 Simple Rules and Dennis Finch of Just Shoot Me.

    David Spade was born in Birmingham, Michigan on July 22nd, 1965. David Spade graduated a year early (being 17) from Saguaro High School in 1982. He then went on to Arizona State University, where he earned a degree in business (1986). He hosted both the Teen Choice Awards and SpikeTV's Video Game Awards in 2003. He stared in different shows on TV including Just Shoot Me, 8 Simple Rules and his new talk show The Showbiz Show with David Spade. He voiced characters on several episodes of Beavis and Butt-head, and produced his own TV series Sammy in 2000. Spade has also appeared in commercials for Capital One, with Nate Torrence where he plays the employee of a fictional rival company whose policy toward honoring credit card rewards is "always no." Overall this guy is totally underrated.

    So what makes him okay at his job. He shows up and does his job. Even though he may not be one of the best, he still does play funny roles and sometimes boring roles. Most people just underrate him and doesn't end up doing the best for casting.
  • Definatly underrated; David Spade is a fantastic actor!

    David Spade is a great actor! He should have been a bigger star and is definatly underrated. Anyways, some of the things that I like about David Spade is:

    1) David Spade has great comedic timing and can make something that doesn't seem that funny, funny! His voice and the way he can use it is just spectacular! And his facial expressions can be priceless!
    2) Cartooning voicing is not for everyone. David Spade did a wonderful in the emperors new grove. When i had sen TENG, i didn't know David Spade at the time, but i remember thinking he was great. When i find out he played a role on 8 simple rules, i was thrilled! He also does a great job as C.J. on 8 simple rules.

    Overall, David spade is a great actor!
  • Simply Funny

    This guy is so funny with and without Farly. Joe Dirt and Dickie Roberts were so funny. I hope he makes more movies soon. I know its gonna be hard since he does the Showbix Show now which is really funny but its only on 1 time a week so he should have a lot of free time to do some. Joe dirt only took like 21 days to make. Anyways no metter what David does its funny.
  • i love david spade!

    David Spade is one of my favorite actors. I love \'Joe Dirt\'. That is my favorite movie. I also love 8 Simple Rules. I never saw \"Dickie Roberts:Former Child Star\' but, I would probably love it. Tommy Boy is a good one too! I like how he was best friends with Chris Farley.
  • David Spade is best known for SNL

    I like David Spade he is sort of smart alecky, but can be funny and charming, 8 simple rules is funny with David on it, I do miss John Ritter, I liked Joe Dirt, that was funny and Tommy Boy and Black Sheep. he needs a show of his own, my fave of his is Tommy Boy and Joe Dirt, he needs to do more movies, he is funny I would not mind meeting David