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  • Often doesn't get the credit he deserves

    David Spade is possibly the best dry humorist in the business. His uniquely sharp sarcasm may possibly be groundbreaking and responsible for setting new heights with that style of humor. Unfortunetely, he is often bad mouthed in the business by other people who don't get his style of humor. Loved his work on SNL, including the buh bye airline worker, receptionist, and Hollywood Minute reporter. He's done well on successful sitcoms as well (his character on Rules of Engagement may be his best sitcom work) but I do think he ought to be even more successful. It's disappointing that he's mostly stuck to sitcoms (he's been there done that) and not gone on to be a full blown movie star on par with fellow SNL stars Sandler, Ferrell, Murray, etc. It's especially disappointing when he takes on work that I think is below him (though i don't blame him) like 8 Simple Rules or Capital One commercials.