David Steinberg

David Steinberg


8/9/1942, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Birth Name

David Steinberg



Also Known As

David H. Steinberg
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A native of Canada, David Steinberg grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A comedian/actor/director/producer, Steinberg first gained attention in the 1960s as a member of the famed Second City comedy troupe, and for his stand-up appearances on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. He was especially known for his "mad…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In the late 1960s, one of David Steinberg's classic characters was a "mad psychiatrist" who at the time, made the expression "Boogah, boogah" commonplace.

    • David Steinberg joined the Second City Chicago comedy troupe in 1964.

    • David Steinberg's first comedic inspiration was when he caught a performance of the legendary Lenny Bruce in Chicago.

    • David Steinberg released a comedy album titled The Incredible Shrinking God which contained ten of his most popular comedic sermons.

    • David Steinberg was inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame in 2003.

    • David Steinberg helped launch the careers of a number of top Canadian comic actors, including Martin Short and John Candy.

    • Although David Steinberg was a Canadian, he was one of the best-known stand-up comics in the USA during the late 1960s.

    • The episode of The Smothers Brothers Show where David does a sermon as "Jonah" has never been aired.

    • One of David Steinberg's earliest comedy bits, performed on The Tonight Show, was a comedic retelling of a story that he read in a pornographic book store.

    • Growing up in Winnipeg in the 1960s David and his friends would frequent "The Good Earth" restaurant.

    • David Steinberg is currently (2006) working on his autobiography, which is tentatively titled The Ego Has Landed.

    • David Steinberg was the youngest person to ever guest host The Tonight Show.

    • David Steinberg had an excellent relationship with The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He appeared on the show 130 times, from 1968 until the final week before Johnny's retirement.

    • David Steinberg won a "Playboy Humor Award" for his parody of the novel Ragtime.

    • Early in his life, David Steinberg had a rough relationship with his father, a strict Romanian rabbi who was frustrated by his young son's rebellious nature. When David left home it is reported that his father said, "I kiss the train that takes you away."

    • David Steinberg was well know for irreverent and anti-establishment humor in his early days. In fact it is rumored that the reason that the Smothers Brothers' first CBS variety show was canceled, was due to a David Steinberg sketch about Moses.

    • In the 1960s, David Steinberg was a member of Second City Chicago.

    • David Steinberg was originally interested in entering the seminary. However, after catching a performance by comedian Lenny Bruce, he changed his mind.

  • Quotes

    • David Steinberg: (when asked his idea of perfect happiness) An all-Yiddish-speaking Canada.

    • David Steinberg: I love stand-up comedians. I understand them. We all speak the same language. Stand-up comedians are like jazz musicians. They 'get' each other."

    • David Steinberg: (referring to "The Aristocrats" joke) Not a great joke so far as I'm concerned... on the other hand to hear Gilbert Gottfried tell a joke like that it is a piscasso.

    • David Steinberg: Your relationship with an agent has got to be mutually beneficial. If you can't help their careers, then they're not going to be interested.

    • David Steinberg: (about his upcoming autobiography) It starts with Abraham and Isaac and ends with me and Frankie Valli at the Aladdin in Las Vegas.