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  • David Strickland truly was a star. I do not think he was given enough credit for his work... I have never laughed so hard at a comedian as I have at David...

    David Strickland defined talent and success. He was by far one of the most unique individuals in the world, and the true tragedy rests in the way he perceived himself.It may be on record that the cause of his death was suicide, but I choose to interpret the loss of life to be the result of low self-esteem. At a young age, David decided that there was nothing in the world to live for, and that mindset will live with me forever. If he had had more support in his life, maybe none of us would be writing these reviews. To the parents of David Strickland: I can not express to you how truly sorry I am for your loss. We miss you, David. And I for one, will miss those laughs...