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  • David Tennant rocks!

    I have to say that I just finished "jessica jones" and David MADE this show! I can not believe they killed him!? I don't think it will be as good now, he and his acting skills made me hate and love him and I think they could have fed sooo many more episodes with him, this was such a shame and waste of talent. They should never have let him die so soon in the show!!! He is so awesome in everything I have ever seen him in, by far one of the best actors i have watched!!
  • Doctor

    i think it would be nice if you where to come back as the doctor clone because i know that the doctor got cloned and maybe even the doctor can help the doctor you know want i mean the tenth doctor helping the 11 doctor..
  • One of the most talented actor ever. It's just a great pleasure to watch him, either as a brilliant 900 year old Time Lord, or a chilling stalker called Brendan Block. Ever so much energy, that burst right across the screen.

    My first contact with David Tennant when I chanced upon an 'old' British TV show called Doctor Who. Never knew who or what that was, merely that the idea of a TV show about a time travelling alien is slightly ridiculous. But his energy shone through the screen, and I couldn't help but carry on watching, whatever it was. By the end of that episode, I wanted to know more about who this Doctor is, and who the guy acting as him is.

    And it opened up a completely new world for me, introducing me to the world of the Who. And as proof that he is not to be typecast as just the guy who did 'Doctor Who', Tennant found time to participate in several other projects, including a rather scary 2-part mini series called Secret Smile. I had to admit that I was 'mentally scarred' after watching it just once, because the character Tennant played, a Mr Brendan Block, was a psycho, and I couldn't help but shudder when I saw that cold chilling look he occasionally flashed, when he thinks no one is looking.

    As I got more hooked to the Doctor Who series, I could also see the depth and breadth of his performance in his Doctor, where one moment he was bursting with manic energy, he could swiftly engage into a cold, almost alien-like ruthlessness, yet there was that tinge of deep sadness in his eyes.

    His generosity with his time outside of Doctor Who helped to build his reputation as an approachable and friendly person. I know first-hand, because I was lucky enough to meet the man once, and his warmth and enthusiasm just completely won me over. Never mind the fact that he was already the most well known (and well loved) actor in Britain, he didn't turn down any autograph or photo requests, no matter how busy he was.

    I certainly hope that we will see more of David Tennant in the years to come. He is too good an actor to be just put to pasture after he hands over his sonic screwdriver and TARDIS key.
  • Remarkable mix of charisma, humour and wit.

    As for most, before Doctor Who (2005) got rolling, I never knew Tennant existed. But here's the added kicker: I hated the first season of Dr. Who and stopped watching after two episodes. After a couple of years I chanced a bit of an episode of season 2 and was immediately brought to attention by this witty, skinny bloke. However, carrying the bad vibes of the first season, it didn't take. Cue a year later, another chance encounted with an episode, from season 3 I believe. This time I watched the whole episode. And then got all of them. Needless to say, I now believe Tennant to be one of the most tallented actors of the old continent (having now seen things like Recovery and even his episode on Darren Brown's Trick or Treat). He genuinely seems to have the joy of experience around him, an air of huge amonth of good energy. That transmits to us, no question about it: women find him adorable and sexy, men admire his boundless charisma. All in all, I can't see him doing anything wrong in his career as long as he stays who he is on the inside.
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  • wow.

    he is just the best actor ever. and he is extremely GORGEOUS! this is why i gave him 10, and why i love him soooo much =) :
    1. Velvet jackets: Seriously, what other man could carry off this garment with such aplomb? And he has such a variety! The red, is my personal favourite.
    2. His cool-ness: Constantly spotted at trendy gigs, and with what appears to be a rather good taste in music, David is far cooler than his general geekiness lets on :) 3. The Big, Fat Quiz of The Year The very first moment I thought 'Well lookie here, what a hottie!'. That tweed blazer? Yes please.
    4. David and the kitten: ... because every fangirl's heart gone splody when we saw THAT promo.
    5. His trendy T-shirts: He has quite an abundance of them =]
    6. David and Billie, BFF's 4life. I by no means insinuate anything other than platonic friendship here, but it's completely obvious that they got on famously - and, I presume, still do!
    7. Dreamy smile: It makes me melt quicker than a malteaser on a windowsill on a warm day (kudos to norfolkdumpling for that quote)
    8. Grin of ulitimate glee: David Tennant is in posession of the most joyous glee!face of anybody else to exist. Ever. This be trufax.
    9. Talented eyebrows! The things that man can do with those furry things above his eyes is quite wondrous to behold. 10. Ear pulling: I completely love that, although it is a quirk of both The Doctor and Peter Carlisle, it's totally a DT-self thing, too. Plus, it's adorable!
    11. Long fingers: *ferociously attempts to steer clear of any finger related innuendo ...* just look at them!
    12. David in a kilt: A prood Scotstman, David occasionally bares he knees for the delight of his fangirls. We approve.
    13. Neck: Long, lean and utterly lickable. Connected to a most beauteous collarbone also.
    14. Abercrombie and Fitch hoodies: David seems to have a bit of penchant for such attire, which make him look very snuggly and cute.
    15. Skinniness: One magazine described his 'beach body' as "one of the worst" - I'm sorry, what? He's so skinny and slender and hipbone-y and delicious. I like 'em scrawny. 16. That cover of Doctor Who Magazine: A thud-inducing picture of Ten all specced up, coupled with the sweetest quote ever: "I was voted Sexiest Man In The Universe this year - it's mad! Before Doctor Who I was just skinny, gawky, freak-boy!". Seriously, could he get any sweeter?
    17. David in sunglasses: Oh yeah, he works it.
    18. The Fact That He Chews His Mouth, Like Me: This one is a little bit more personal; I saw the picture and almost fell off the bed in excitement because it would appear that he chews he mouth like I do. People mock me for it, but I take comfort in the fact that he does too.
    19. David in a tux: Guaranteed to induce incoherance in even the most steadfast of people.
    20. Ruffleable hair: Studies have shown that a person placed within three feet of David will be overcome with an uncontrollable urge to run their fingers through his hair. I tell no lies.
    21. Face-pulling: David has a remarkable repertoire of faces in his many roles, which bring joy and glee to all who behold them.
    22. Peek-a-boo ... because the Tenth Doctor can't do stalking.
    23. Friday Night Project the first: He was exceptionally entertaining on this; so likeable and up for anything - he just seemed to have everybody in the palm of his hand. Plus, velvet suit!
    24. Fanboyism: The fact that he's a HUGE Doctor Who fanboy makes him all the more endearing, and it obviously shows in how he undertakes the role. What a star.
    25. The lulz: Never afriad to have a bit of a giggle, pull a prank, or make himself look like a fool, David has an adorable giggle to boot.
    26. Giacomo Casanova: And the amount of gratuitous David!sexing that role brought. Cocky, adorable bastard.
    27. Hugs: C'mon, who doesn't want to be hugged by David?! His companions are lucky peeps.
    28. His dancing: what can i say.
    29. Barty Crouch Jnr. Not only did he deomonstrate his flawless and far-reaching acting skills, he made us oddly attracted to body-stealing psychopaths ... 30. Forearms: Now, I have a bit of a thing for forearms, and David has a very lovely pair indeed.
    31. Peter Carlisle ... because despite his foul mouth, sneaky demeanour and - frankly - sometimes outward cruelty, we love him. The bastard.
    32. Ten plus Screwdriver: Who are we to separate a hero and his phallic object? He loves it so, and we love him loving it.
    33. Friday Night Project the second: So good, they asked him back again! And those trousers! *sigh*
    34. His posterior: Hey, allow me this one indulgence, yeah? It IS rather pert. Yum.
    35. David in glasses: There just aren't words, really. Apart from guh, fnah and nnnnnngggghh.
    36. His smartness: I have a thing for intelligent guys, and woah. doesn't he just do it PERFECTLY! wow.
    37. His general cuteness and everything and being able to switch accents really well: he's just soooooooooo adorable!!!! and he is such a great actor! and how he can switch his accents, perfectly.

    37 things; his age!

    hehe he is just PERFECT. and i'm going to see him at stratford upon avon in love's labour's lost =)

    i think he's just utterly brilliant!

  • Brilliant...

    What can I say about David Tennant? Oh, he is a great all around actor. He is my favorite Doctor on Doctor Who. Even though I haven't seen the old series he is still the best Doctor. David Tennant just looks the part of the Doctor, he has the crazy look to him and the way his hair stands up is so silly it's cool. I 'm looking forward to seeing tennant play The Doctor in the years ahead. I think it would be a mistake to make The Doctor regenerate at the end of the series but we know he won't. I would also like to see David play the Riddler in an upcoming Batman movie he has expressed interest in portraying the character.
  • a great actor with an enormous bandwith

    to be honest, i had my doubts first, that anybody could match the most wonderful acting of christopher eccleston in „doctor who" and i was pretty sure that whoever would have to follow that would be doomed to fail. i was wrong! david tennant is a most worthy successor and he brings an incredibly strong energy to his role. he's witty, he's eccentric, he's great in the more tragic moments, short: he's brilliant and most believable in every aspect of the doctor's character. by now the doctor might be his most famous role but i just loved him in „casanova" as well. i wouldn't have expected him to be that good playing this womanizer and seducer. well, of course there was a lot of comical talent needed to play this role and tennant has really proven that he has a lot of that but he provided so much charm and vitality that it was a pure pleasure to watch him. he showed a much darker side in „blackpool" and most of all in „secret smile". to be honest, i didn't really like „blackpool" too much but that wasn't tennant's fault because he was brilliant again and he really gave me the creeps in „secret smile" were he played a murderous, violent maniac with quite a charming surface in a way that really made me hate his character. "secret smile" was quite painful to watch after all the sympathy he had built up in „doctor who" and „casanova" but i'm really impressed with the work he's done there.
  • the best Doctor Who!

    David Tennant (originaly David Mcdonald) played started off as a younger casanova in the show casanova. But the role which he will be remembered for is Doctor Who. David plays the 10th doctor in the hit show doctor who and is the only character to be in all 3 seasons. david is a famous actor who recently lost his mother. doctor who is great, i couldn't think anyone better to take the role of the doctor. no way, i can't. just 20 more words to go. 15. doctor who rules and daviods doing a gr8 job living up to the mysterious name of the 10th doctor. bravo
  • Brilliant!!

    Brilliant actor in so many aspects. He takes his acting ability to one of the highest levels possible. From a domineering boyfriend, an in-love DI, coping with brain injury, a vengeful deatheater, to the absolutely amazing portrayal of The Doctor. This man is just simply amazing all the way around! I have absolutely enjoyed everything I have seen him in so far and hope to see him in much more to come! Cheers David! Your Brilliant, Amazing, Wonderful and Talented!
  • Extremely talented, energetic performer.

    David Tennant is one of the best actors working on British television. A truly talented performer, he brings an energy and a charisma to every role. He has an uncanny ability of having palpable chemistry with whomever he acts with, Sarah Parish in Blackpool, Billie Piper, Sophia Myles and Freema Agyeman in Doctor Who as well as every female in Casanova -a part he was perfect for!. He has a strong fanbase which he shows due respect and he is affable and genuine in every interview. He is an absolute gem of a man and the ultimate - and dare I say best- Doctor Who ever. We love you David!
  • Awesome Doctor!!!

    I have to say his Doctor outfit is pretty cool!!! He must be the only guy who can pull off a suite and converse, he looks amazing in it.

    I think he is doing an amazing job following on after Christopher Eccelston, I personally didn't think that he would ever be as good, but I was wrong. Not only is he amazing he is also pretty hot!! Well all I can say is that I hope he stays for a few seasons I don't want another doctor, I like this guy!! Best of luck to him and the future of Doctor Who.
  • Oh where to start with him.He's funny, gorgeous and amazingly talented at acting.From Taking Over The Asylum to Doctor Who he never gives less than 110%.He also has a fantastic fanbase too!

    David is a rare gem that has been hidden in small TV shows for many years.He never gives a bad performance for his fans and is always happy to talk to them or return the thousands of letters he gets.When on set he is charming and friendly and I doubt he has any Diva ish demands.
    Roles in Casanova and Dr who have made him a household name but David has his feet firmly on the ground when it comes to fame.He doesn't find comfort in glitzy award shows as he doesn't want to spend the night talking about where he got his shoes from.This doesn't make him a social reject though.
    In fact if there was anyone I'd like a night out with it would be David as the chances are we wouldn't end up in a gutter somewhere with kebab over our faces and very little recolection of the night before.
    I really hope David carries on like this for a very long time as he is one of a kind that we should be proud of!
  • An amazing actor, and a gorgeous man to boot.

    Not only is he horrendously attractive, getting him the female vote, he's also an amazingly talented actor.
    I first saw him in Casanova and was blown away, He was just so charming, and charismatic, and wonderfully refreshing, I knew he'd be big, and soon. I vowed to watch everything he's ever in, and just my luck, they cast him as the 10th Doctor. I can say now, I've not yet been disappointed. Here's hoping he stays in the role for a long time, because he brings an empathy to the character I don't think we've seen before.
  • A gorgeous man playing a fun loving character, we all know and love him for playing Casanova now it's time to see if we love him as the Doctor!

    David Tennant is the Sexiest man in the universe, he has the right look and the right attitude to play the Doctor a personal favourite of mine.
    I only started watching Doctor Who in 2005 and I am very glad that i did otherwise i would never have discovered the wonderful talents of David Tennant, he is a pure role model to all young boys, they want to be him and all teenager girls and women want to be with him.
    David has fantastic talents to plat any role that they throw at him, I thin that Russell.T.Davis is a genius for writing him into the show.
    David has faced many roles of all differences and he has played them all very well, in Blackpool he played D.I Carlisle a fantastic portrayal through music and drama, in Secret Smile he played a physcotic overpowering man and in Harry potter he played a mad man obsessed with helping evil, many of these roles are hard to play when you want your audience to love you but David has played them in such a way that the audience love him anyway.
    A wonderfully handsome man and deserves all the praise he gets.
  • Just brilliant as the Doctor

    I had seen David act before he became the 10th doctor and have found him brilliant ever since his first line. He is perfect in the role of the doctor as he is brilliant at telling the great one-liners which have become a part of the doctors role. His style as the doctor of a suit and coat with white converse is unusual but it does suit him. He makes watching Doctor who a joy because of his cheeky personallity scripts can eb perfectly written for him. My sister also thinks that he is really cute. One thing you forget from watching him as teh doctor is that is is scottish aprt from when his accent lets him down.
  • Love him

    I just saw Casanova and his appearence was brilliant. I'm a fan from now on, he's gorgeus and has great eyes, plus he's a talented actor :D he's also the new Dr. Who, i haven't seen any episodes with him yet but i'm shure i'll love it even more now :P
  • The 10th and best Dr

    David Macdonald, changed his name to David Tennant after seeing an article of the Pet Shop Boys in Smash Hits, and has made numerous TV series, such as Casanova and Blackpool as well as playing Barty Crouch JR in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, before becoming the 10th Dr in the sci fi show Dr who. He is far more impressive as the previous dr's and his characters relationships with the assistants are remarkable. David Tennant is a fantastic actor and will do more when his time as the Dr is complete as he has already made a few films, with impression made with Harry Potter.
  • A completely original actor that brings a bit of 'the odd' to every charcter that he plays.

    David Tennant is a great actor who has such energy when acting that it practically burns through the screen. His wide range of roles have all portrayed the mad, the crazy or the just plain eccentric and I love him for it.

    He is such a lively person who is a great actor but also a great person to watch in an interview. His scottish accent is brilliant and his english accent is brilliant to. He is always willing to answer questions and is a credit to Doctor Who.

    When playing Casanova he added zeal and passion to the role and in the two part drama Smile he portrayed his charcter with such convictoin that I was actually scared of him.
  • Will Definately live up to Eccleston

    He's just landed the role of the Doctor in the new series of Doctor Who and I think he'll be the best ever. If you've ever seen any of his programs, you'll know how well and dramatically he can be, but also how funny he can be. With his new role, he can mix these attributes so brilliantly that he's bound to win the show another gong at the National Telvision Awards next year. His Casanova role was simply fantastic. He is truly a ledgend of drama and comedy.
  • Well, what can I say? David Tennant rules!

    David Tennant, born on the 18th April 1971 in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland, UK, is a great, young, happy, jolly, energetic, funny, cool, awesome actor. That pretty much describes him, but unfortunately I need 100 words. He is most well known for playing the 10th Doctor in 'Doctor Who'. He also played Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (When I watched that I didn't realize it was him, the film was so boring I had almost fell asleep! He should be given better positions for how talented he is!). He currently travels in the TARDIS with his companion Martha Jones, still playing the 10th Doctor in Doctor Who. If you haven't watched this guy yet, then do! He brings Doctor Who to life.
  • The new Doctor Who and also a bit of a geek too appeaing in Doctor Who audios as well as the new Quatermass. Real name is David MacDonald.

    A fantastic actor, a fantastic man. He really has waited all of his life to play Doctor Who, a role I feel that he was born to play. Very early on he shown great ptential,particular when playing a drag queen for R.C.Nesbitt. I really began to take notice of him during 2004 when he starred in BBC production Blackpool, and I fell in love with his cheeky portrayal of Casanova in March 2005. Don't fear anybody. Chris Eccleston the king is dead, but David Tennant is the kid on the block. And he's fantastic too. Watch him and be amazed.
  • i feel that David Tennant should be in alot more movies and tv programmes

    I feel that David Tennant should be in alot more things like movies and tv programmes.Not only is he very sexy lol but he is very talented and entertaining. He has already been in alot of tv programmes like Dr who, Blackpool, Secret smile etc. but he is better than alot of actors out there and could easily replace them. Im not sure if he has been im any movies... but if he hasnt then he should.I think he would be a great James Bond Actually because he is very sexy in a suit! :). also he would be great in a funny film because he is very funny and acting comes easilly to him. so if your reading this David you should go bigger than t.v programmes and go into movies because it would be a big hit! by Sarah Williamson x
  • suffers from the comparison of the previous doctor

    so im biased
    the only thing i saw him in before doctor who was rab.c.Nesbit.
    His performance has always been comedic
    at best.At worst taking the piss.
    He does not have the incredible emotional ramge of chris ecleston,but then few people do.
    the doctor just wasnt so alive with david tennant in the tardis.Not that hes a bad actor or even a bad doctor.(hes in my top four)but coming after the greatest is a bad thing.
    his more jokey style jared badley and the loss of billy piper only added to the feeling the the show was diferent and not in a good way.
    God bless him hes funny and believable and intelligent
    but he no chris ecelston