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  • Remarkable mix of charisma, humour and wit.

    As for most, before Doctor Who (2005) got rolling, I never knew Tennant existed. But here's the added kicker: I hated the first season of Dr. Who and stopped watching after two episodes. After a couple of years I chanced a bit of an episode of season 2 and was immediately brought to attention by this witty, skinny bloke. However, carrying the bad vibes of the first season, it didn't take. Cue a year later, another chance encounted with an episode, from season 3 I believe. This time I watched the whole episode. And then got all of them. Needless to say, I now believe Tennant to be one of the most tallented actors of the old continent (having now seen things like Recovery and even his episode on Darren Brown's Trick or Treat). He genuinely seems to have the joy of experience around him, an air of huge amonth of good energy. That transmits to us, no question about it: women find him adorable and sexy, men admire his boundless charisma. All in all, I can't see him doing anything wrong in his career as long as he stays who he is on the inside.