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  • One of the most talented actor ever. It's just a great pleasure to watch him, either as a brilliant 900 year old Time Lord, or a chilling stalker called Brendan Block. Ever so much energy, that burst right across the screen.

    My first contact with David Tennant when I chanced upon an 'old' British TV show called Doctor Who. Never knew who or what that was, merely that the idea of a TV show about a time travelling alien is slightly ridiculous. But his energy shone through the screen, and I couldn't help but carry on watching, whatever it was. By the end of that episode, I wanted to know more about who this Doctor is, and who the guy acting as him is.

    And it opened up a completely new world for me, introducing me to the world of the Who. And as proof that he is not to be typecast as just the guy who did 'Doctor Who', Tennant found time to participate in several other projects, including a rather scary 2-part mini series called Secret Smile. I had to admit that I was 'mentally scarred' after watching it just once, because the character Tennant played, a Mr Brendan Block, was a psycho, and I couldn't help but shudder when I saw that cold chilling look he occasionally flashed, when he thinks no one is looking.

    As I got more hooked to the Doctor Who series, I could also see the depth and breadth of his performance in his Doctor, where one moment he was bursting with manic energy, he could swiftly engage into a cold, almost alien-like ruthlessness, yet there was that tinge of deep sadness in his eyes.

    His generosity with his time outside of Doctor Who helped to build his reputation as an approachable and friendly person. I know first-hand, because I was lucky enough to meet the man once, and his warmth and enthusiasm just completely won me over. Never mind the fact that he was already the most well known (and well loved) actor in Britain, he didn't turn down any autograph or photo requests, no matter how busy he was.

    I certainly hope that we will see more of David Tennant in the years to come. He is too good an actor to be just put to pasture after he hands over his sonic screwdriver and TARDIS key.