David Walliams

David Walliams


8/20/1971, Surrey, England, UK

Birth Name

David Williams



Also Known As

David Williams
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  • Come Fly With Me
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David Walliams born Williams but forced to change his name for Equity resons was raised in Banstead in Surrey, UK. He attended Reigate Grammar School and afterwards enrolled in the National Youth Theatre, where he met comedy partner Matt Lucas. The pair went on to study drama at…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • David has won 3 BAFTA awards, 2 British Comedy Awards, a National Television Award and in 2005 was nominated for an Emmy award.

    • David lives in Noel Gallagher's former home, Supernova Heights, in Belsize Park, North West London. [2009]

    • David mounted a legal action with Catherine Tate and Matt Lucas against Christian Publishing and Outreach when they used the two catchphrases "Yeah but no but yeah" and "Am I bovvered" in a publicity campaign.

    • David was honoured at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards after swimming the English Channel for charity. The comedian undertook the gruelling challenge in July 2006, crossing the channel in 10-and-a-half hours to raise more than £1 million for Sport Relief. David said it was "very humbling" to be at the star-studded ceremony to receive his award.

    • David studied acting at Reigate Grammar School in Surrey and attended Bristol University and studied Drama.

    • David is the son of Kathleen and Peter Williams. His father works for London Transport, while his mother is a laboratory technician. He has one sibling - an older sister, Julie, and two nephews named Joe and Ben.

    • On 4 July, 2006, David swam 35 km (22 miles) across the English Channel in a very respectable time of 10 hours and 34 minutes - one of the top 50 times ever recorded. He raised over £1,000,000 for the Sport Relief charity.

    • David appeared in the video for I'm With Stupid by the Pet Shop Boys.

    • David's closest friends are Jimmy Carr, Jonathan Ross and Ricky Gervias.

    • David changed his name from Williams to Walliams as another actor had the same name.

    • David met his comedy partner Matt Lucas in 1990 at the National Youth Theatre. They were put together because of their good impressions. David impersonated Frankie Howerd.

  • Quotes

    • David: (after being honoured at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards for swimming the English Channel for charity) The worst part was the cold, it really gets you down so I had to start thinking about Abba songs to keep me happy, and I thought about you a lot. I saw a lot of jellyfish, but luckily I didn't get stung. I did go through some sewage.

    • David: Oh yes, of course I was bullied - The boys used to call me Daphne, which was meant to put me down. I was very camp.

    • David: I don't have a lot to share with other men. My heart sinks when I get into a taxi and someone starts talking to me about football.

    • David: People feel they know me because of my Little Britain characters - But I'm not a Little Britain character. No one knows what I'm really like.

    • David: I was the kind of person who got bullied and loved the attention of it.

    • David: I love wearing drag.

    • David: I don't get recognized much, and am very happy with that. The fans I have met have all been delightful.

    • David: There's a little bit part of me that thinks maybe I should go back to putting on a dress and making people laugh.