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David Walton

David Walton


10/27/1978, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

David B. Walton


  • Olivia Munn, Jake Johnson, David Walton,...
  •  David Walton and Zooey Deschanel on New...
  • David Walton as Pete and Amanda Peet as ...
  • David Walton as Vance on Perfect Couples.
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  • Dave Walton is amazing!

    Dave Walton is the stand out performer in Heist. Ricky definitely needs more face time as the show continues. He's great to look at and can act, so why isn't he the main star? Dave Walton is proving his comedic brilliance as Ricky and will, without a doubt, continue to impress as his character develops. Heist is well on its way to becoming the next "must see TV" thanks to Dave Walton.moreless
  • David Walton is a star in the making.

    David Walton is a star in the making. It looks like he has finally received his big break with NBC’s new hit drama “The Heist.” Proving his comedic chops, Walton brings freshness and likeability to his gang of thieves and helps to humanize a show that relies heavily on high tech gadgetry.

    “The Heist” would benefit from more Walton face time as it rockets to the top of the ratings charts.