David Warner





7/29/1941 , Manchester, England, UK

Birth Name

David Warner




David Warner was born on July 29, 1941 in Manchester, England. David was born out of wedlock and spent much of his youth alternating between living with his father and his mother. He eventually settled in with his father and stepmother, and began his acting career in his early twenties. David Warner first became known for his theatre career, where he was an actor in a number of Shakespeare plays including: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet, Julius Cesar, The Tempest, and The War of the Roses trilogy. David Warner made his film debut in 1963 playing the villain Blifil in the movie Tom Jones. He became known for playing villains in many movies, including: Batman, Time Bandits, Tron, Hannah's War and The Thirty Nine Steps, among others. David Warner won an Emmy in 1981 for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Special for his roll in Masada as Pomponius Falco.

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