David Wayne





1/30/1914 , Traverse City, Michigan, USA



Birth Name

Wayne James Mc Meekan




David Wayne (Wayne James McMeekan) was born in January 30, 1914, in the city of Traverse, Michigan. He was a son of an insurance executive, John David Mcmeekan and Helen Matilda, who died when he was four. David worked in Cleveland as a statistician before acting. In 1935, he entered a Shakespeare repertory company which led him to his first Broadway appearance in a minor role for Shakepeare's Pastoral, As You Like It. He took part in a variety of stage plays, movies and television series. He volunteered as a Red-Cross ambulance driver for the British and later on for United States Army where he was assigned to North Africa during World War II. David Wayne continued his acting career, most of the roles given to him were supporting roles, and he was rarely seen for major roles or as an antagonist. His first major role appearance was for the Broadway entitled Finian's Rainbow where he played the part of Og the Leprechaun in 1947. David was the first to receive a "Best Featured Actor" Tony award. He had two children with Jane Gordon who died in year 1993, and at the same year he retired from acting. He spent almost 50 years in the acting industry. David Wayne passed away in February 9, 1995, at the age of 81 in California, Santa Monica.