David Wenham





9/21/1965 , Marrickville, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Birth Name

David Wenham




David Wenham was born in Sydney Australia on the 21st of September 1965, he is 6'1". David is the youngest of six siblings, five sisters and one brother. David grew up in a Catholic home and attended a Christian High school eventually graduating from Western Sydney University and Theatre Nepean

Before he became an actor he worked as an inusrance clerk at a place called Bingo at the Marrickville Town Hall.

David's most famous role's are Faramir from The Lord of the Rings trilogies and Diver Dan in the Australia series of Seachange. His quirky and quietly intelligent role of Diver Dan was short-lived as he did not wish to re-new his contract for the second season so the writers eventually wrote him out in the season 2 episode "Vaya Cons dios To All That"

The prestigous Archibald Prize was awarded to Adam Cullen in 2000 for a portrait of Wenham.

Wenham has been nominated for, and won, AFI Awards in the past and his potential is still being recognized. With recent roles in Moulin Rouge and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, this once-unknown Aussie actor now has the world at his hands.

Currently David is living with his girlfriend Kate Agnew. On October 10th 2003 their daughter Eliza Jane was born.