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  • David Wills - an amazing talent

    I think David Wills is absolutely amazing! Clever, talented, original, versitile. I anxiously anticipate hearing his voice and I have never been dissapointed. It is amazing how much warmth and sincerity he can convey in one breath and put me in stitches with his roaring comedy in the next.
    I am looking to the future when David will have more starring roles. I thought he was just breaking through to what he could really do with the Fergy the Fudgehog charachter in "Viva Pinata" when the show was taken off the air.
    I am confident David will have plenty chances to wow us again in the future. Listen up directors - this guy is too talented to pass up!
  • He's got talent.

    I know David Wills best from his work on Yu-Gi-Oh, as the voice of Nezbitt (one of my favorite characters!!). However, when I found out from another site he also did Johnson, Crump, and Gozaburo, I was amazed. None of them even had a HINT of sounding SLIGHTLY alike, and I thought they all had different voice actors. The fact that Mr. Wills can do such unique dialogue for each of his characters is just...I don't know.

    So yeah, he does a rather good job. Although I was disappointed that Arlong and Professor Sheppard (two other roles of his) didn't sound much different from Nezbitt. But other than that, he does an awesome job!
  • It\'s David Wills actually...and he\'s me.

    Yeah, most of these credits are correct but I\'d like to add that it\'s David WILLS not Willis. Oh sure, there probably is some guy named David Willis out there that has done voice work but the particular guy you\'re talking about is David Wills..who is me. You could also add the short-lived \"Funky Cops\" and \"Ultraman Tiga\" to that list of shows along with a few seasons of MTV\"s Celebrity Deathmatch.
    I don\'t know if anyone actually checks this page but I was\'nt allowed to edit the biographical information so I\'m reviewing myself. Me? I\'m a swell guy evidently.

    Thanks...and I gave myself a 9.

    -David Wills