David Winters





London, England

Birth Name

David Weizer




David Winters was born in London, England. After moving to the United States, he became a child actor, appearing in 150 television shows and 12 Broadway productions. He originated the role of Baby John in West Side Story, and later portrayed A-Rab in the movie version.
Once in Hollywood, David opened a dance school; and students included Ann-Margret, Raquel Welch, and Richard Chamberlain. He also choreographed five Elvis Presley films and many other major studio films including Barbra Streisand's A Star is Born.
During this time, David choreographed and appeared as a guest star on numerous musical specials, including Movin's With Nancy, starring Nancy Sinatra. He was also a regular singer and dancer, as well as the choreographer on NBC's famous rock and roll series, Hulaballo.
Beginning with the Emmy-winning series, The Monkees, David produced and directed over 200 television shows, specials, and TV movies. For excellence in television, David has won the coveted Peabody Award, the Christopher Award, three World Television Awards, and six Emmy nominations.
David has also created, produced, and directed numerous stage acts for such artists as Diana Ross, Ann-Margret, and Alice Cooper.
He produced, directed, wrote and co-starred in Fanatic, which he filmed during an actual Cannes Film Festival. The movie won many awards, including the Paris Film Festival Award and the Los Angeles Golden Scroll Award. David went on to produce, direct, and distribute over 60 independent films. His latest film, Welcome 2 Ibiza, which he produced, directed, wrote and co-starred, won the Audience Award for Best Picture at the Bangkok Film Festival, November 2002.