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  • Doomquest

    Full Episode

    S 9 : Ep 8 - 11/4/95

    Once again, Dregg broadcasts his message to the citizens of Earth about the evil mutant Turtles and, once again, the Turtles are ticked off. In fact, the TMNT are so ticked off that they mutate on the spot and, in broad daylight, attack a squad of TechnoGangsters, scaring the local citizenry. This of course confirms the citizens' worst fears about the Turtles as promoted by Dregg. Back at the lair, after the fight scene and the escape scene, the Turtles complain about their inability to control their mutations. Splinter suggests that it is because they are unable to control their "deepest rage" and that they may have to "sacrifice more than they can possibly imagine" in order to finally defeat Dregg. Meanwhile in outer space onboard the Dreggnaught, an ALIEN SCOUT delivers the Vortex Crystal(which has the power to warp space itself) to Dregg. The alien crimelord is pleased, for with the power of this crystal, he will be able to bring his entire armada (which has been scattered across the galaxies) together and lay siege to planet Earth -- that is until the Alien Scout informs him that there is another who seeks the Vortex Crystal - DOOMQUEST! Dregg realizes that he must act quickly and perpetrates one last deception upon the Earthlings. But during the ceremony where Dregg "gifts" the Vortex Crystal to the Mayor as a source of unlimited clean energy, the sky darkens - Doomquest and his partner-in-crime, DRACONUS, have arrived and attempt to take possession of the Crystal. Fortunately, the Turtles have been spying on the proceedings and manage to get to it first. So while Doomquest captures Dregg, Draconus (aboard his Hover-Chariot) searches the City for the Crystal. April goes off to find a new mini-cam (hers was destroyed in the fire fight), the the Turtles and Carter attempt to analyze the "rock". Unfortunately for the Turtles, it doesn't take long for Draconus to track them down and take possession of the Crystal. However, the one thing they were able to learn about it was that they were unable to mutate in its presence. Back at Doomquest's Ship, the Crystal is activated and within minutes, "Dimensional Rifts" are opening up all over the City and releasing ALIEN MONSTERS. It seems that Doomquest's "quest" is to release his world (DARKREALM) which has been imprisoned in another dimension for centuries. The TMNT decide that they must get that Crystal and close all the vortexes before it is too late for the Earth as well as themselves. It seems that their mutations are causing them to turn on each other, which is very counterproductive. The Turtles arrive just as Dregg and Hi-Tech have escaped from their imprisonment and a battle royale ensues - everybody wants the Vortex Crystal. Carter manages to get it first with the help of the Turtles (who are willing to sacrifice the possibility of killing each other when they lose possession of the Crystal). The vortexes are closed and Doomquest is sucked back into the Darkrealm. That still leaves Dregg to contend with, but he is finally "outgunned" and decides to leave Earth for good. Meanwhile, April was able to get everything on video tape, broadcast it across the City and convince the humans that the TMNT are the real heroes.moreless
  • Carter, the Enforcer

    Full Episode

    S 9 : Ep 7 - 10/28/95

    Dregg announces to the world his latest project to benefit mankind - the STAR SHIELD. And once again, the Turtles can not believe the gullibility of the humans and have decided to take a new attitude - the heck with 'em! However, Splinter convinces the TMNT that it is their duty to fight evil, even when the whole world is against them. With that said, Carter and the Turtles team up with April to "get the goods" on Dregg. At the location of the Star Shield construction site, our heroes are amazed by the sight of this "cross between a flying saucer and a battleship". Convinced that no good can come from this, April successfully videotapes Dregg and Hi-Tech discussing the real purpose behind the Star Shield - to attack the people of Earth! But before April, Carter, and the Turtles can escape with the incriminating evidence, they are caught. After an obligatory fight scene, they narrowly escape. The Turtles return to the lair, while Carter escorts April to a local news station, where she hopes to convince the News Director to air the footage. Naturally, the News Director is a pro-Dregg supporter and believes the video tape to be a hoax. Meanwhile, Carter has been abducted by a team of TechnoGangsters and taken away. Back at the lair, April reports on her meeting with the News Director and is surprised to learn that Carter is not with the Turtles. Temporarily setting aside their concern for their friend, they decide to "pirate" the broadcast themselves. But before they can accomplish this, Carter arrives with ray guns blasting and destroys the tape. Meanwhile, two other characters, LANDOR and MERRIK, arrive from out of nowhere and help the Turtles defend themselves against Carter and the TechnoGangsters. But when the firefight is over, Carter, the TechnoGangsters, Landor, and Merrik are gone. The Turtles send April out to learn what she can about Landor and Merrik, while they are left to make heads or tails out of what just happened! They don't have to wait long, after Carter and TechnoGangsters return to finish the job, Landor and Merrik, who have been trying to convince the Turtles that they are from the future and that they are trying to protect them, have no choice but to -- go "BACK TO THE FUTURE". In the future, the Turtles discover that Dregg won, and that Carter is the local ENFORCER. But something is unsettling - Carter does not appear to be any older than he was in the past and also appears to have the strength of his mutant form without mutating. Soon, they discover that Carter is not Carter, but a robotic droid, and that he never did betray them. They must return to their own time before this bleak future really does come to pass. The Turtles arrive just in time to join forces with the real Carter, destroy the bogus Carter, and prevent Dregg's Star Shield from becoming operational. Later, April takes them to meet Landor and Merrik, two small children playing in the park.moreless
  • Split-Second

    Full Episode

    S 9 : Ep 6 - 10/21/95

    Carter, April and the Turtles investigate a break-in at the Antique Timepiece Museum. Convinced that Dregg is responsible, but not sure why, the Turtles discover a clue on a wall display of two rows of clocks. Above the top row are the letters "LT," and above the bottom row are the letters "LL". Donatello deduces that they are "Longitude" and "Latitude" and, after adding up the numbers on the clocks and checking a map, he announced the location - the NorthWest Steel Mill. The heroes decide to investigate to see if it is one of Dregg's traps. But it is not Dregg, instead they find a costume character named CHRONOS - Master of Time and King of the Clocktower. Chronos escapes but threatens the Turtles that he is planning on committing two crimes and challenges them to stop him. Something about this guy seems familiar, so the Turtles separate into two teams to prevent both of Chronos crimes. April sets out to learn his identity. Back at the lair, the Intruder Alarm sounds and Splinter unexpectedly finds himself at the mercy of Chronos. Later, the Turtles and Carter reunite to compare notes. Only they happen to meet below the City Hall Clocktower which reminds them of a past adventure which leads them to the identity of Chronos. It seems his real name is Winston Fripp, and he was apprehended by the Turtles after he had robbed the City Treasurey. Apparently, the Turtles tied him up and left him in the Clocktower for the police. The clanking of the gears and the knelling of the bells drove him insane and he has vowed revenge against the Turtles ever since. But Fripp/Chronos does not know about Carter or the Turtles new mutations, so Carter is able to learn the location of Master Splinter and rescue him. Later, Dregg, who had supplied Chronos with his arsenal, pretends to have been responsible for the capture of Chronos and vows to continue protection the City from all criminals and the mutant Turtles!moreless
  • The Showdown

    Full Episode

    S 9 : Ep 5 - 10/14/95

    At Carter's hideout, Michaelangelo and Carter hang out playing video games. However, today during a video game, the TV monitor goes screwy and Carter assumes that it's just a malfunction. Back at the lair, April contacts the other Turtles to inform them that all the TV stations in the City are jammed. Suddenly she is caught in the hypnotic effect of the spinning wheel pattern from her television set. Carter runs into his old rival JET McCABE. Jet is a teenager who's had a vendetta against Carter ever since Carter had him thrown out of a local martial arts club for cheating. Jet wants to settle the score but Carter can't take the time - the Turtles need him. Meanwhile, Dregg has contacted one of his minions SLEAZEBUG, who is presently recruiting able-bodied life forms all over the galaxy to participate in a martial arts tournament. If Sleazebug can get the TMNT for the tournament they will be transported clean across the galaxy and Dregg will not have them interefering with his plans. Sleazebug catches up with the team just as Carter is about to confront Jet McCabe. Sleazebug zaps them instantly to the site of the tournament but he fails to get Donatello and Raphael who tear off in pursuit. Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Carter and Jet find themselves in a holding cell on another planet. The martial arts tournament is at the compound of the sinister KARG. The rule here is "fight to the death". Carter and Jet must set aside their differences and, with the two Turtles, face a fearsome variety of alien combatants. Back on Earth, Donatello modifies the TechnoTracker based on his belief that Sleazebug's vehicle left a trail of particle traces. Don wants to follow the particle remains so that he and Raphael can obtain the teleporter and rescue Carter and the other Turtles. Meanwhile on the distant planet, a guard takes Leonardo and Michaelangelo to a teleporter in return for sparing his life. Jet elects to stay where he feels that he can be a champion. Leonardo, Michaelangelo and Carter arrive back on Earth in time to help Donatello and Raphael destroy Dregg's Mutation Machine and cause his latest base operations to blow sky high.moreless
  • The New Mutation

    Full Episode

    S 9 : Ep 4 - 10/7/95

    After yet another battle with DREGG'S TECHNOGANSTERS, the TMNT return to their lair with Carter. Dregg now has the law on his side. The TMNT narrowly escaped being arrested. Carter and the Turtles are fed up. They are tired of Dregg's ability to fool the humans into believing that he is their savior! After challenging Dregg to a final showdown, they find themselves on the losing end. Only this time, their new mutations have been captured on film and now the world believes the SuperTurtles to be evil horrible monsters. Unbeknownst to anyone the SLORR was released from its incubator and now it is missing. So, while Carter works on his Wrist Ray, the Turtles journeyed to the mountain site of Dregg's new base of operations: The Citadel. No sooner than the Turtles arrive, then they are attacked and mutate into their Super-Turtle forms. Dregg sends the REPLICON, a robotic warrior after them. They keep mutating and demutating during their fight. Every time they destroy the Replicon, it "replicates" itself in multiples. Meanwhile, April contacts Carter about the Giant Slug Creature (The Slorr) that is attacking the Northside mall. Carter discovers that whatever piece of metal the Slorr ingests, becomes part of it's physical make-up. Carter tries out his wrist ray and it works to stop the Slorr. The Slorr then flies away. Later, Carter and the Turtles team up and overload the Citadel generators with the X-fire fuel, in hopes that it will blow itself up - which it does and successfully reverse the Slorr's growth pattern back to its original slug-like form.moreless
  • The Wrath of Medusa

    Full Episode

    S 9 : Ep 3 - 9/30/95

    Believing that the Turtles are the only thing that stands between him and total domination of the planet, and unable to obtain him much needed Neutronium Ore, Dregg makes contact with an old ally: Medusa, a sinisterly beautiful alien. Dregg employees Medusa to eliminate the Turtles for him. So while Medusa lures the Turtles into a fight at the hydroelectric plant, Hi-Tech successfully leads the Technogangsters back to the Neutronium mine, where they are free to continue their work. Back at the plant, the mutant Carter nearly destroys the dam (which would have caused the loss of thousands of lives) and in the confusion, Medusa captures Leonardo. It seems that she intends to sell him and the other Turtles into slave labor in another part of the galaxy. Carter, now back to his normal self, blames himself for Leonardo's disappearance. He realizes he needs to spend more time training with Splinter to learn to control his mutation. The Turtles accept Medusa's "invitation" to meet her at the World Broadcast Tower to rescue Leonardo, only to find that they have been duped. During their battle the Turtles experience a full-blown mutation - which scares Medusa and she retreats. Meanwhile, Dregg volunteers to repair the crippled SkySat Space Station, which has been orbiting the Earth powerless. Little do the Earthlings know that he intends to install his Stasis Relay System to fulfill his destiny to become the supreme ruler of the world! Medusa steals Carter's Virtual Reality Projector and uses it to lure Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo onto her ship. But by using the homing device built into the Turtles' Turtlecoms, Carter is able to locate Medusa's ship and rescue them. He sends Medusa (via her onboard teleporter) to the other side of the galaxy and foils Dregg's master plan. Unfortunately, the Turtles are being blamed for the destruction of the SkySat Station and Dregg is still considered a hero.moreless
  • Dregg of the Earth

    Full Episode

    S 9 : Ep 2 - 9/23/95

    We open this story with Hi-Tech leading a group of Techogangsters on a break-in at a Government Lab. The object of their quest? A Proton Accerlerator, but the Turtles and Carter are there waiting for them, and after a fight scene Hi-Tech and the TechnoGangsters escape with their booty. The Turtles are ticked off at Carter because, once again, he didn't play like a team member. Carter is angered by their criticism and takes off on his motorcycle. Back at the lair, while Leonardo is unable to locate the Dreggnaught with their tracking equipment, Donatello continues to express concern about the results of his testing of the unstable mutagen. Suddenly, April contacts them to let them know that Dregg has landed on Earth and is preparing a press conference. The Turtles rush to meet April at the Park, where they hear Dregg announce his friendly intentions and offers the world his MOLECULAR CONVERTER, a device that will rid the world of pollution. To the Turtles' utter surprise, Dregg is a welcomed hero! All that Dregg asks for in return is a base of operations, so that he can put his advanced technology to use for the good the planet. The City is more than happy to provide him with a new skyscraper, now known as the Dregg Tower. The Turtles can't believe that this is happening! Somehow some way, they have to prove to the world that Dregg is evil. But they are unable to get inside his new building and dig up any dirt. Meanwhile, Carter, wanting desperately to prove his worth to the Turtles, makes a bogus deal with Dregg to deliver the Turtles to him. Dregg readily accepts. Only Carter neglects to inform the Turtles of this deal, and they most definitely feel betrayed when they are captured by Hi-Tech and his TechnoGangsters and delivered to the Dreggnaught. And to make matters worse, while the Turtles are strapped to steel slabs in Dregg's Power Chamber and are busily trying to free themselves - something happens. They momentarily and uncontrollably begin to mutate. But before the Turtles can dwell on the preview of their future, Carter arrives to rescue them. After Carter convinces the TMNT that this was all part of his plan to get the Turtles inside the Dregg Tower (seeing as how they couldn't by themselves), they embark on their mission to shut down Dregg. But during the middle of the climactic third act fight, Carter mutates, only this time the Turtles are able to witness it and April gets it all on tape. With Dregg temporarily defeated once again, the Turtles and Carter return to the lair. Unfortunately April lost her mini-cam holding the taped proof of Dregg's real intentions, but thanks to their commonality, the Turtles and Carter are finally a team.moreless
  • The Unknown Ninja

    Full Episode

    S 9 : Ep 1 - 9/16/95

    While watching video tapes of old battles, Raphael sees a mystery person spying on them. While the Turtles investigate, an alien warlord named Dregg sends his TechnoGansters to steal all of the gold supplies on Earth. The Turtles find them attacking the Federal Reserve Building and are outmatched, until the mystery person arrives. But he proves to be a handicap and the TechnoGansters escape. Back at the Lair, Donatello surprisingly announces that the mutagen is unstable and will cause unknown effects on them. They then find the mystery person in the sewers and he reveals himself to be Carter and in search of Splinter, who agrees to make Carter a student. Meanwhile at the Copcor Building, April sees the unveiling of the new robotic law enforcement: the Intimidators. But Dregg has them causing trouble and the Turtles race to the scene. Carter decides to go help, unknowingly spilling mutagen on himself. Dregg himself and the TechnoGansters join in the fight too, but they find it hard to beat the determined Turtles. Dregg traps Carter in a metal hold to keep the Turtles at bay, while he returns to the Federal Reserve. Suddenly, the mutagen makes Carter a giant metallic-skinned ninja and he breaks free. In the end, the Turtles defeat Dregg thanks to this "new mutant", unaware he's actually Carter.moreless
  • Turtle Trek

    Full Episode

    S 8 : Ep 8 - 11/5/94

    Despite interference from the Turtles, Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady successfully install an energy transmitter inside the Power Relay Station and escape unharmed. Back at the lair, the Turtles argue as to whose fault it might be that Shredder and company got away again. Splinter suggests that they spend less time trying to get Shredder and more time doing good things, which confuses the Turtles.

    Meanwhile, over at the Hall of Science, Krang activates his new dimensional portal, thanks to Shredder's installation of the Energy Transmitter at the Power Relay Station, giving him access to Dimension X. After Donatello's equipment registers a power surge emanating from the Hall of Science, they set out to investigate, only to find the place empty and the Dimensional Portal turned on. The Turtles figure that Krang Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady have journeyed to Dimension X, but they're not sure why.

    Before they can think about it any more, they hear a voice crying for help. That voice belongs to an alien from Dimension X named Gargon. He claims that Krang had him abducted from Dimension X and used him to test a new experimental mutagen. Feeling sorry for Gargon, the Turtles free him and the alien agrees to help them find Shredder in Dimension X. But once they arrive there, it seems as if Gargon is leading them on a wild goose chase: going from planet to planet, being attacked by aliens and monsters, being dropped into a middle of a war and never finding Shredder and Krang.

    Eventually it's revealed that Gargon has actually led them into a trap. Shredder arrives in the Technodrome and rewards Gargon by using his Retro-Mutagen Cannon and transforms Gargon back to his normal self. Gargon apologizes to the Turtles and pleads for their forgiveness. But just as Shredder is about to transform the TMNT back into real Turtles so that he may be rid of them at last, Gargon saves them, allowing the Turtles to destroy the Technodrome's engines, and return to Earth through the Dimensional Portal, trapping Shredder, Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady in Dimension X.moreless
  • Cyber-Turtles

    Full Episode

    S 8 : Ep 7 - 10/29/94

    While investigating the theft of a rare telescope, the Astro-Viewer, the Turtles discover odd tracks leading away from the National Space Exploration Center. Meanwhile, at the Hall of Science, having installed the Astro-Viewer in a vain attempt to create a dimensional portal, Krang discovers an alien StarFighter flying closely past Earth. He is able to break into their transmission and learns that they have recently defeated their enemies and now have possession of the Firestar, which will make them the undisputed masters of the universe.

    Krang is excited by this piece of information. Until now, he had always thought that the Firestar was only a legend. It seems that the Firestar contains the power of a thousand suns. Krang believes it is his destiny to rule the cosmos, not just those creatures. Krang brings the alien StarFighter down with his lasers. Moments later, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady arrive, stun Commander Korak and his comrades of the Glaxxon Federation, steal the FireStar and head back to the Hall of Science.

    April and the Turtles race to the crash site only to be confronted by Commander Korak and his fellow Glaxxons, who think that they have taken the FireStar. After being captured, the Turtles try to explain that they only came to make sure that nobody was hurt and that they are friends. Commander Korak explains that the Glaxxons have no friends and orders them thrown into a cell.

    The Glaxxons set out in search of the FireStar and April contacts the one person she can always count on when the Turtles are in trouble: CASEY JONES!Shredder delivers the FireStar to a very excited Krang. The Glaxxons fear that someone is jamming their sensors, as they cannot locate the FireStar. They head for the City determined to destroy the world if they have to.

    The Turtles escape from their cell and steal four Cyber suits. They become the Cyber Turtles and follow the Glaxxons to the City. When they meet up a battle ensues. April and Casey sneak into the Hall of Science and steal back the FireStar. The Glaxxons surrender.moreless
  • Enter: Krakus (3)

    Full Episode

    S 8 : Ep 6 - 10/22/94

    While surveying the military base where the Flux Transformer is being housed, knowing that it can warp time and space, the Turtles ponder as to what Titanus would want with it. Suddenly, they notice assorted military personnel loading it onto a truck and leaving the base. The Turtles need to know where it is going in order to prevent Titanus from getting his hands on it, so April elects to follow it while the Turtles opt to rid the streets of the H.A.V.O.C. mutants. That is until Krakus, a cop from the future, arrives and thinking that the Turtles are in league with Titanus, shakes them down for information.

    Meanwhile, April continues to track the Flux Transformer as it is off-loaded from the military Truck onto a train, and then in the "middle of nowhere", it is air-lifted onto a helicopter. After April contacts them with the bad news, the TMNT decide to break into the Government Computer Center and access the files pertaining to the Flux Transformer -- maybe they will learn where it has been taken. Unfortunately, they set off the alarms and before they can make good their escape, Krakus reappears and attempts to arrest them. The Turtles get the upper hand and force Krakus to explain to them who he is.

    It seems that Krakus is from the year 2066 and he is pursuing Titanus, who is also from the future where he almost took over the world with his mutants. But he escaped into the past and is now attempting to recreate his future here in the Turtles' present. Suddenly, April arrives with her mini-cam and video tapes the battle between Krakus and the Turtles -- until Krakus, who is stunned to meet her, reveals that in the future she saves his father's life and if it wasn't for her, he would not be alive. After convincing Krakus that the Turtles are the good guys, Krakus apologizes and together they go after Titanus, with Krakus keeping a protective eye on April.

    Back at H.A.V.O.C. Headquarters, Titanus learns the location of the Flux Transformer and sends a squad of mutants to retrieve it, but panics when he learns that Krakus is here in the present. So Titanus dispatches another squad of mutants to take care of the "TimeCop" - resulting in the destruction of Krakus' weapons and the "time machine" and also the kidnapping of April.

    By the time the Turtles and Krakus reunite and storm the H.A.V.O.C. headquarters, Titanus is gone. In his place he left a pre-recorded message outlining his plans for both the Flux Transformer and for April O'Neil. With no weapons, no time machine and no way back home, Krakus has Donatello use Titanus' Mutation Generator to transform him into a giant mutant so that he can save April. She must live to save his father, so that he may be born. After successfully rescuing April, the mutated Krakus and the Turtles stop Titanus from bringing more mutants through his TimeGate into the present, send Titanus back to the prehistoric past, and send Krakus (now reverted back to normal form thanks to a "Duration Timer" on the Mutation Generator) back to the future.moreless
  • H.A.V.O.C. in the Streets (2)

    Full Episode

    S 8 : Ep 5 - 10/15/94

    Titanus sends of couple of his H.A.V.O.C. mutants to bust into the Aerospace Plant and steal some much needed equipment. Only problem is that the Turtles were waiting for them. After a fight, the mutants "beat feet" and the Turtles are left scratching their heads wondering what the mutants were after. Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello also berate Michaelangelo - maybe if he hadn't been goofing off, the mutants might not have escaped.

    Back at H.A.V.O.C. headquarters, during our exposition scene, Titanus explains that he has finally located his missing FLUX TRANSFORMER, the one thing that will make the mutants "masters of time and space travel", at a heavily fortified military base. And the only way he can get it, is by building his SKY PLATFORM. And the only way he can build his SkyPlatform is by distracting the Turtles long enough so that his mutants can obtain the required parts.

    To this end, Titanus springs a CON from prison (thanks to the Turtles who put him there in the first place), turns the con into a mutant now known as SYNAPSE, a creature of pure energy, and sics him onto the Turtles. Back at the lair, Donatello logs onto his computer to investigate the Aerospace Plant to see if he can learn what the mutants might have been after, only to have Synapse come bursting out of his computer to attack the Turtles.

    With the Turtles busy being chased by Synapse, Titanus is able to successfully build his SkyPlatform. But once again, Michelangelo is "distracted", and his brother Turtles are left to deal with Synapse by themselves. Over at Channel Six, Synapse is terrorizing April, Vernon, Burne and the other employees as he systematically trashes the news station.

    While Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael pursue Synapse across town, Michelangelo returns to the scene of the original crime where he spies Titanus and company, building their SkyPlatform, and is caught in the "peeping-tom" act. After Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael finally defeat Synapse by sending him into outerspace where he will "ride the airwaves" for eternity, they unite with Michelangelo to stop Titanus and his mutants. On board the SkyPlatform, the Turtles engage the mutants into a firefight in the engine room, causing the massive ship to malfunction and crash, but not before Titanus and his fellow H.A.V.O.C. members escape aboard a shuttle.moreless
  • Cry H.A.V.O.C.! (1)

    Full Episode

    S 8 : Ep 4 - 10/8/94

    The TMNT get the drop on masked thieves hijacking a jewelry store, only to have themselves arrested for the crime! Before the turtles can be booked, they are rescued by two mutants: Amok and Overdrive. The jewelry heist isn't the only crime the turtles are being blamed for. People have been vanishing throughout the city, sparking off further anger at the green machine. This, however, doesn't stop the turtles from doing what they do best, and when they hear of a robbery at the historical museum, they race to prevent the goods from being taken.

    They are able to do so, but in the insuring battle Michelangelo is knocked off the museum roof. Another mutant rescues him, Raptor. Finally, the identity of the new mutants is revealed, Raptor, Amok, and Overdrive form part of a Hi-tech mutant mercenary squad called H.A.V.O.C, and they want the green machine to join their organization. The TMNT decide to check these guys out and visit H.A.V.O.C'S H.Q, where they are introduced to the big cheese, Titanaus. Titanaus offers the turtles sanctuary, free from human oppression, whilst Donatello and Raphael welcome this proposal with open arms; Leonardo and Michelangelo decide to investigate H.A.V.O.C further, unable to agree. The four brothers part ways.

    Leonardo and Michelangelo decide to check on the mysterious break-in at the science labs, Donatello and Raphael join Titanaus in staging an pro-mutant rally at the temporary Channel 6, there the two strays discover that H.A.V.O.C doesn't protect mutants, they devour them. After Leonardo and Michelangelo come to the same conclusions, the four reunite to take out H.A.V.O.C's plot to turn the whole citywide population into Mutants using a very classily-titled "Mutant generator" [this explains the lab break-ins]. The TMNT triumph, but Titanaus and his troop escape. So whilst the turtles have won this day, H.A.V.O.C still roams the streets!moreless
  • State of Shock

    Full Episode

    S 8 : Ep 3 - 10/1/94

    After defeating a mysterious group of ninjas at the Emeryville Power Station, the Turtles decode part of a map that they were able to liberate from the would-be thieves. Unfortunately, the only words they can make out are: "EMERYVILLE" and "GREEN POWER". Meanwhile, Vernon at Channel Six News continues to report that it is those "wretched" Turtles who are responsible for all the ninja crime occurring throughout the City.

    The Turtles rush into action. But before they can make it out of the sewers, they are attacked by Colonel Wesley Knight of the U.S. Armed Forces and his elite group of soldiers, a special unit created to hunt down the TMNT. However, the Turtles escape, proving to be more than Colonel Knight had expected. As they make their getaway, the TMNT see the name: DARK WATER stenciled on Colonel Knight's hi-tech equipment.

    April tells the Turtles that Dark Water is a top secret organization, training top commandos and creating super hi-tech military equipment. The TMNT ask her to continue checking them out while they pursue the mysterious ninjas who have just broken into the Green Power building. The Turtles follow the ninjas to an abandoned aircraft hangar and spy the ninjas leader, a character known as Megavolt. The TMNT realize that he is too powerful to be defeated and decide to try a new strategy, they waltz into his lair and volunteer to join his ranks. He accepts their enlistment.

    The Turtles and MegaVolt's ninjas break into the D W Furniture store. It seems that in the back room is an unguarded hi-tech lab holding a highly concentrated form of energy. The Turtles do not like what they are doing but they realize that this is the best way to learn what MegaVolt is up to. When they exit the building the are confronted, not only by Colonel Knight and his troops but by April and her mini-cam. April has captured it all on tape, the Turtles are criminals!

    Back in MegaVolt's secret hideout, he reveals that his name is Alex Winter. He uses the highly concentrated form of energy and transforms himself into a giant electrified robotic insect and heads into the City. The Turtles have just been arrested by Colonel Knight. They try to convince him that they are innocent and that Alex Winter/MegaVolt is the guilty party. A soldier tells them that Alex Winter was a hero and the greatest agent Dark Water has ever had. Meanwhile, April gets a hold of some secret documents and manages to convince the Colonel of the Turtles innocence. Together, they defeat MegaVolt.moreless
  • Wrath of the Rat King

    Full Episode

    S 8 : Ep 2 - 9/24/94

    Believing that Shredder and Krang have taken over the Hall of Science, now that Berserko is out of commission, the Turtles set out to investigate, only to be repelled by Bebop and Rocksteady. April was able to capture the battle on tape, but she is afraid that it will not convince Burne of the Turtles' innocence.

    Meanwhile, Burne has created a hot line for callers to use should they spot those "evil" Turtles... the ones responsible for the destruction of the Channel Six News Building. Inside the Hall of Science, Shredder is fearful that the Turtles will eventually find a way into the building and must be stopped now, at any cost. Krang suggests that Shredder not worry with the equipment that Berserko left behind, as he believes that he will be able to restore communications with the Technodrome (which is still in Dimension X) and have it at their disposal once more. However, Shredder is not convinced and decides to seek out an old friend in the sewers, the Rat KIng.

    Meanwhile, Channel Six continues to run editorials denouncing the Turtles. Raphael is ready to storm down to the new Channel Six Station and "have a chat" with Vernon and Burne. When Donatello suggest that maybe Vernon is right -- maybe the more they try to help, the more they become the problem. The other Turtles cannot believe their ears! How can Donatello be saying this! But before they finish their debate, the Rat King breaks into the lair with laser guns blasting. Believing that he has dispatched the Turtles to the hereafter, the rodent liege seeks to obtain his reward from Shredder: a new strain of mutagen!

    Meanwhile, Krang has made contact with General Tragg aboard the Technodrome in Dimension X, and requests that his last and final unused weapon, the Shock Wave, be sent (via the Dimensional Portal) to Krang on Earth. Unfortunately, rather than being teleported to the Hall of Science it is sent into a busy intersection in the City, and now the police have taken custody of it. Krang sends Bebop and Rocksteady out to try and retrieve it, only for them to discover that it is at the Westmore Research Center. Over at the temporary Channel Six News Station, April is unable to convince Burne not to run his expose denouncing the Turtles and threatens to get her own story, proving the Turtles' innocence.

    April returns to the Hall of Science in time to see the Rat King enter. When she contacts the Turtles, they shrug it off and say there is nothing they can do. When Splinter hears this, he threatens to go take care of this menace himself. So, the TMNT join forces with their Sensei. Only when the heroes arrive at the Hall of Science, the last thing they expect to see was giant mutant rats!

    Krang used his new strain of mutagen on the Rat King's pet rats. The Turtles and Splinter retreat. Shredder, the Rat King, and his giant mutant rats head for the Westmore Research Center with April and her mini-cam in pursuit. The Turtles get Shredder's retro-mutagen ray and they blast the giant mutant rats, which succeeds in cutting them down to size. Afterwards, the TMNT capture the Rat King and destroy Krang's Shockwave.moreless
  • Get Shredder!

    Full Episode

    S 8 : Ep 1 - 9/17/94

    The TMNT pick up reports of a break-in, and the perpetrators match the descriptions of Shredder, Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady.

    Krang tells Shredder that the site of the 1964 World's Fair would make an adequate hideout, the pavilion showcasing the Hall of Science may still contain equipment ideal for use in taking over the world. At the sight of the break-In, the TMNT follow the trail left behind by the villains and arrive at the world's fair just as their enemies gain control of the Hall of Science, but before they get accustomed to it, they are fired upon by the Hall's current resident, Berzerko!

    Shredder manages to escape, but the Turtles capture Krang. When berzerko hears the dimension x dictator's name mentioned, he commands his Cyber drones to relive Krang of his captors. Berzerko reveals himself to be Drakus, creator of the Technodrome. Having been betrayed by Krang, Drakus now has revenge on his mind. And he has plans for the evil Brain.

    Shredder, in an effort to get Krang back, arms the Channel Six building with an explosive device and threatens to destroy the building, least the turtles hand over their prisoner. The TMNT have no choice, they are able rescue Krang and hand him over to Shredder, who blows the channel six building up anyway. Luckily Splinter was able to rescue most of the people inside (including April and Erma) in time as part of a plan hatched by the TMNT earlier, in case anything went wrong. Suddenly, Drakus, as Berserko, attacks with his Annihilator device, will the TMNT be able to save New York?moreless
  • Shredder Triumphant!

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 27 - 12/18/93

    Shredder, Rocksteady, and Bebop arrive at the Asian Arts Exhibit and proceed to loot it, The Turtles head out to stop them despite a grave warning from splinter that there will be dire consequences if they try to stop the villains. Arriving at the exhibit, the turtles take care of Shredder and his aides quite easily. Then they discover they were set up! Whilst Shredder was keeping the TMNT occupied with a faux heist on the arts exhibit, Krang and the foot soldiers had pulled a raid of their own, stealing precious regenerative power cells from the space administration centre. Krang uses the cells to empower the Technodrome, and the machine emerges from the sea to terrorize the city, and the world, once again! The turtles break into the Technodrome; only to be captured by Shredder and sent into Dimension X. they've been set up again. As Krang takes control of, well, everything, the Turtles run afoul of a space pirate called Weazel, who trades them to the slave pits of serot, ruled over by the malevolent Vorx. There, the turtles befriend Weazel's brother, Zwerk. Together they discover that vorx has a dimensional portal in his possession, and they lead a revolt against him to obtain it. They fail, and are sentenced to death at the claws of the great Chargg, Weazel, having a change of heart, saves the turtles and his brother. The Turtles finally manage to trick Shredder into releasing them from Dimension X, once back in the game, the Turtles defeat their foe, Donatello activates the trans-dimensional communicator and The Technodrome is pulled into Dimension X. The Turtles save the day again!moreless
  • Invasion of the Krangazoids

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 25 - 12/11/93

    Krang wants competent help to carry out his plans. Shredder is too busy getting revenge on the Turtles, and Bebop and Rocksteady "couldn't steal a free sample," so Krang clones himself six times. He orders the clones, who are very reluctant to follow Krang, to steal industrial equipment all over the city. The Krangazoids grow new bodies, and make a volcano under the city.

    Shredder, meanwhile, put a teleporting device and trapped Leonardo and April. The other three Turtles save them first, and Donatello uses Shredder's own weapon against him to teleport the Krangazoids to the Technodrome, where Krang tricks them into the Dimensional Limbo.moreless
  • Combat Land

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 26 - 12/11/93

    There is a new amusement park in town and it is called Combat Land. So says the fliers that are being passed all over town inviting all comers to "test their skills against the greatest robot warrior in history and beyond" at tomorrow's grand opening. While covering the story of the grand opening of Combat Land, April, Irma and Vernon discover that there may be no grand opening until the robotic warriors have been fully tested. It seems that the park's owner, Horatio Stressbar, has been unable to find anyone with the combat skills to give his robotic warriors a thorough work out. April, concerned about getting her story on the air, offers the services of the Turtles. After being introduced to Horatio Stressbar and Denton Nulcet, the chief robotic engineer, the Turtles are informed that they will not be allowed to use their weapons in Combat Land. The Turtles reluctantly agree and are issued "safety" weapons to battle against the robotic warriors.

    The Turtles immediately decide to split up as they independently check out the Shogun Zone, the Medieval Zone, and the Future Zone. Meanwhile, Irma is sure that this whole set up is weird. Unable to convince April of her suspicions, Irma sets out with her mini-cam to find the real story. Sure enough, after being attacked with real weapons by robotic Samurais, robotic Knights and robotic cyber-warriors, the defenseless April, Leo, Don and Raph come to the same conclusion. Then, for no apparent reason, the robots stop attacking our heroes and begin a march into the City. Meanwhile, Michaelangelo, Irma and Vernon are missing. So, while Leonardo searches for Michaelangelo in the confines of the amusement park, Donatello and Raphael follow the robots into the City, while April investigates Horatio Stressbar's past.

    Along the way, Leo discovers Michaelangelo's robotic twin and is taken prisoner, while Donatello and Raphael have just discovered that the Combat Land robots are walking time bombs and they are all headed for the sewers. At the amusement park, Horatio Stressbar reveals that his plan to blow up the sewers is generated merely by greed. It seems that he is convinced the City will then have to pay him twenty million dollars to repair them. But it does not end there, Stressbar and Nulcet are also planing to destroy bridges, subways and buildings in order to acquire every major contract in the city. Over at Channel Six, April verifies what we have just learned when she contacts Donatello and Raphael and tells them about Stressbar's petitions for repairing the sewers. Donatello and Raphael return to Combat Land, after Donatello successfully jammed the radio signal messages being directed to Combat Land robots. Donny rescues Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Irma, and Vernon, and they destroy the computers that control the robot warriors.moreless
  • Atlantis Awakes

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 23 - 12/4/93

    While surfing in the white water rapids of the sewer, Michaelangelo is rescued by Merdude, a half-man/half fish from the lost city of Atlantis. Merdude left Atlantis over 200 years ago in search of others of his kind - it seems that Merdude is the only mutant in the lost city. But now he has lost his way and the Turtles, using Donatello's Porta-Tracker, volunteer to help him find his way back home. Meanwhile, aboard the Technodrome, Krang's computers are picking up some low-level energy readings emanating nearby. With the Technodrome's power reserves at an all time low, Krang thinks it would be prudent to investigate. Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady, using a much faster Transport Module for the required reconnaissance work, quickly discovers the legendary lost city, and as luck would have it, the Atlanteans believe that Bebop (that's right, Bebop!) is their long lost King. It seems that the Atlanteans have been waiting generations for a strange creature to come from the sea to reclaim his throne, thereby fulfilling their age-old prophecy. But Hepax Lagamina, a young and beautiful Atlantean woman, comes forth and declares that Bebop could not possibly be their king. Hepax insists that the true king would be a water breather and Bebop is a pig! Quick thinking Shredder jumps into the fray and suggests that as king, Bebop should order the traitor to be "clapped into irons" and so she is. By the time Merdude and the Turtles arrive, Bebop, in all his regal finery, is ensconced upon the throne and once again issues the "clap in irons" orders, but Merdude and the TMNT disappear back into the sewers beneath the city of Atlantis. While Bebop enjoys his new role, Shredder and Rocksteady discover the Star of Atlantis, the largest jewel they have ever seen. Shredder contacts Krang, who insures them that this jewel is exactly what they need to use as a focusing crystal and turn the Technodrome's main cannon into the most powerful heat ray in the universe. Realizing that it is too large for just the two of them to carry, Shedder convinces King Bebop to deploy his subjects in the endeavor. Hepax convinces Merdude to challenge Bebop to meet him in the Atlantean arena. Merdude uses his telepathic powers to call upon his friends of the deep. The area is filled with all kinds of aquatic life. Merdude wields the Trident of Power and Bebop quickly renounces his throne. Meanwhile, Shredder steals the Star of Atlantis but the Turtles get it back and return it to Atlantis. Merdude is named King.moreless
  • Dirk Savage: Mutant Hunter!

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 24 - 12/4/93

    After an unsuccessful attempt at capturing Razar and Tokka, the Turtles return to the lair to see the eccentric billionaire, A. J. Howard, spouting his ideology and his hatred for mutants across the airwaves. He ends his missive by introducing Dirk Savage, a mutant hunter, and announcing an 800 number for viewers to call in their mutant sightings and order their "Down with Mutants" bracelets. Dirk Savage's first victims are Napolean Bonafrog and Ghengis Frog, the Turtles' buddies from the Everglades, and the hapless victims of bad vacation planning. Back at the lair, Splinter suggests that while Dirk Savage is their greatest enemy, he may well be their greatest ally. It is up to the Turtles to demonstrate that not all mutants are evil.

    After Leonardo and Michaelangelo are captured by Dirk Savage, Donatello and Raphael are contacted by April and Irma. It seems that A.J. Howard at one time owned a Genetics Lab and disappeared for one year after it was abruptly shut down. What does it mean? The Turtles are about to find out. Donatello and Raphael contact Mondo Gecko and convince him to act as a decoy, and allow himself to be captured by Dirk Savage. Mondo Gecko does not hesitate to agree, as Donatello plans a homing device on him and sends him out on the street. Sure enough no sooner has Dirk captured Toka, then he captures Mondo Gecko, and drops them off at A.J. Howard's secret hideout, where Howard reveals that he does not want to destroy the mutants...he wants them to serve as his troops. Unbeknownst to Dirk Savage, A.J. Howard is a mutant himself. Now he wants to take over the human race.

    Donatello reflects back on Splinter's earlier comment and devises a way to be captured by Dirk Savage, where they are able to convince the mutant hunter that they are the good guys, by saving his life against Razar. Meanwhile, April and Irma, while snooping around the secret new A.J. Howard building discover its real purpose: converting humans into mutants. After being contacted by April, Donatello, Raphael and Dirk Savage rush across town to stop Howard's fiendish plot and rescue all of their mutant friends.moreless
  • Escape from the Planet of the Turtleloids

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 21 - 11/27/93

    The Turtles once again must help Kerma defeat his foes on Shell-Ri-La. Meanwhile, Shredder and Krang implement their newest scheme to recharge the Technodrome.
  • Revenge of the Fly

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 22 - 11/27/93

    Thanks to Vernon's irresponsible journalism, the Turtles find it necessary to stand guard at the Genetic Research Lab. The TMNT are protecting the Genetic Essences of numerous insects, as developed by a local research scientist - essences that were designed to create insects for specific purposes. Meanwhile, in an attempt to open the portal to Dimension X, Krang opens the portal "to the place where he put Baxter Stockman." And naturally, Baxter Stockman/The Fly comes "buzzing" out crying "I'm free! I'm free!" and takes control of the Technodrome. Baxter is determined to make Shredder and Krang pay for turning him into a hideously deformed mutant and to get his revenge on everybody in the whole wide world. With the aid of Baxter's alien computer buddy, he learns about the dangerous genetic substances as reported by Vernon only moments earlier. Baxter is hell-bent on "acquiring" these "dangerous genetic substances" to enact his revenge. Back at the Genetic Research Lab, the Turtles, bored to tears, are called away to rescue April atop a burning building. No sooner do they leave, than Baxter Stockman/The Fly arrives and does the dirty deed. While Baxter Stockman/The Fly flies over the City looking for something to mix Krang's mutagen with the "genetic essences of insects", he spies a fireman dousing the flames of the EMF Building, the site of April's recent rescue by the Turtles, with a Super-Slosher 2000. Baxter is convinced that this is just what the doctor ordered and is proven right when he turns the "fearless firemen" into giant "fear inducing Termites". Baxter Stockman/The Fly's next target is the local carnival. Within minutes every human in the place has become an insect - an insect with a voracious appetite. So naturally, when the Turtles arrive on the scene, they have no idea that they are beating innocent victims - that is until the alien computer (left behind when Baxter flew off to "transform" his next set of victims, spills the beans that Baxter is at Channel Six). But when April and the Turtles arrive, they discover that they are too late. Irma has been turned into a moth, Vernon has been turned into a spider, Burne has been turned into a bee, and the interior walls of Channel Six are now honey-combed. After a series of misadventures, the Turtles capture Baxter Stockman/The Fly. But in the process, the converted Super Slosher 2000 is broken and now the only way to turn all of Baxter's victims back into humans (including April, who is now a wasp) is to borrow Shredder's Retro-Mutagen ray, which he coincidentally had just repaired at the beginning of the first act. After another series of misadventures down in the Technodrome, the Turtles destroy the alien computer, send Baxter back to the place he came from, obtain Shredder's Retro-Mutagen Ray gun and return back to the City where they turn everyone back to normal - or normal as they ever were, and destroy Shredder's device.moreless
  • Night of the Rogues

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 19 - 11/20/93

    Krang, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady break-in to the City Hall of Records and steal a file of maps of The City's sewer system dated 1895. Before they are able to escape back to the Technodrome, they get their collective butts kicked by the Turtles. Licking his wounds in the safety of the Technodrome, Shredder blames Bebop and Rocksteady for his failures, vows vengeance against the Turtles, and decides that while Krang begins his excavation project in the City's sewers (in hopes of discovering a source of treasure) he will be busy recruiting his new minions (to replace Bebop and Rocksteady who have been locked in a room to keep them out of harm's way) to help rid himself of the Turtles once and for all.

    Concerned and confused by Krang's interest in the sewer system, the Turtles set out to investigate, only to quickly encounter Shredder and his villains and former foes, recruited to terminate the Turtles: the Rat King, Slash, Leatherhead, Temptesstra, Scumbug, Anthrax and Chrome Dome! After the Turtles get their butts kicked, they do what they should have done in the first place - run away. Convinced that they will never find them in the sewers, Shredder's Rogues Gallery decides to lure the Turtles out into the open by destroying the City. It works -- even though the Turtles know that this is exactly what the villains were planning. The Turtles are captured and about to be "disintegrated" but with only minutes to spare, they are rescued by Splinter, Irma, April, Casey Jones and Zack the honorary "fifth" turtle. Meanwhile, Krang has unearthed the prize he has been looking for - the Star Ship of the legendary space pirate, Captain Logos. It seems that Captain Logos crash-landed his ship on Earth one thousand years ago, and just as Krang has suspected, it is filled with the space pirate's booty - riches beyond imagination, plundered from every corner of the galaxy.

    However, before Krang and Shredder are able to "transport" Captain Logo's Star ship back to the Technodrome, the Turtles arrive on the scene, and using Shredder's Disintigrator, which was designed to destroy the Turtles, the space pirate's ship is blown to smithereens. Naturally, Shredder's rogues are angry that they will not be getting paid and give chase to Krang and Shredder, who are then rescued by Bebop and Rocksteady who have broken out of their imprisonment because they feared that Shredder needed their help.moreless
  • Attack of the Neutrinos

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 20 - 11/20/93

    While the Turtles try to recover a high-tech device that can level buildings in the wrong hands, the Neutrinos are captured by Shredder and Krang. They hypnotize them into fighting machines so they can destroy the Turtles once and for all.moreless
  • The Starchild

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 15 - 11/6/93

    While rummaging through the local junkyard for parts that might be useful to Donatello's penchant for building whacky inventions, the Turtles witness the crash landing of an alien spacecraft. After a debate as to whether or not they should investigate, they go inside and encounter an alien kid named Quarx.

    Meanwhile, in another part of the junkyard, another alien spacecraft descends. Drako, a star trooper, emerges and reports to his employer that he has located the Starchild. His employer tells him that the "fleet" will be in position in two hours and to "handle the situation" until then.

    Back at Quarx's spacecraft, the Turtles try to learn why the little alien kid is all alone, but Quarx would rather play than talk. And while he begins to play in the garbage, Drako arrives on the scene blasting away.

    The Turtles successfully, but only temporarily, restrain him long enough for Drako to tell them that the Starchild is the "most dangerous being" in the universe.

    Back at the lair, the Turtles discover that Quarx possesses telekinetic powers as he demonstrates them, first with Michaelangelo's Bugman toys, and then with Splinter's collection of ninja weapons - the ones with sharp blades.

    This action does not sit well with the Turtles and they try to impart some parental authority, which of course only serves to bother the little alien, who insists that all the wants to do is play. He then runs off telling the Turtles that he does not have to listen to them - they are not his fathers.

    While the Turtles try to track Quarx down, as he wreaks havoc all over town, Splinter decides to pay a visit to his spacecraft in hopes of learning more about the celestial traveler.

    Meanwhile, Drako has returned with reinforcements, determined to "nail that Starchild." After being thwarted once again, Drako implores with the Turtles that they must let him "find the Starchild or their whole planet could be obliterated." But still the Turtles refuse.

    Moments before the end of act two, Donatello announces the prescence of thousands of alien spacecraft orbiting the glove. Drako's employer leads this armada and he demands that the Turtles turn over the Starchild within thirty minutes or they will destroy Earth. And once again the Turtle refuse.

    Drako explains to the Turtles that they wish no harm to the Turtles or their planet, but that the Starchild is very dangerous and that he has destroyed many worlds in the last two centuries. The survivors of these worlds have banded together to hunt the Starchild down to prevent him from destroying another innocent civilizations.

    The Turtles are confused. How can the Starchild still be a kid after two centuries. Drako explains that the Starchild is very powerful and can be whatever it wants to be.

    Back at Quarx's spacecraft, Splinter locates a video journal recorded by Quarx's father, Merrick. Merrick's journal details a civil war on his planet and the powers that he bestowed upon his son to end the war. However, Merrick's planet was destroyed before Quarx could learn about his father's gift to him and has "refused" to grow up without his father's permission.

    Meanwhile, Drako has decided that not only does he want Quarx, but more importantly, he wants Quarx's power so that he can rule the Universe. He will not let the Turtles prevent him from having it.

    After a failed attempt to take possession of Quarx and his power, the Starchild gets really angry and is about to use his power to destroy everything around him - that is until he hears his "father's" voice.

    Using his ninjitsu mind powers, and a clever disguise, to "transform" himself into Merrick, Splinter tells Quarx, in a fatherly way to grow up and use his power to end war and create peace among the galaxies. And lo and behold, Quarx evolves into an adult, repairs all the damage he has caused on Earth and promises to make amends throughout the galaxy.moreless
  • The Legend of Koji

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 16 - 11/6/93

    At the City's Museum of Fine Arts, Shredder uses his "Time Portal" invention to journey back to ancient Japan so that he can "destroy Splinter and the accursed Turtles once and for all by changing history." Meanwhile, Splinter has experienced a disturbance in the force and suggest to the Turtles that they make haste to the Fine Arts Museum, where they follow Shredder back to the year 1583 - the year the Foot Clan came into being.

    Back in ancient Japan, Shredder storms the palace of Oroko Sancho and informs him that he is one of his descendents, Oroko Saki, and that he has traveled from the future to give him power and wealth beyond his wildest dreams. But after Shredder tells him about the location of two magical relics in the forest that would provide Oroko Sancho power and wealth, Shredder's ancestor decides that he can find it for himself without the aid of his descendant. This proves to be his undoing, as Shredder decides to don Oroko Sancho's battle armor, impersonating his arrogant ancestor, and lead his men into the forest.

    Meanwhile a young Samurai, named Hamato Koji, is also roaming the woods in search of something his sensei instructed him to find, in order to start his own ninja clan. Back in ancient Japan, Splinter and the Turtles arrive just in time to help Koji defend himself against Shredder and Oroko Sancho's men, who have been ordered to kill Koji before he locates that which he needs to create what will become the Foot Clan.

    Needless to say Shredder is extremely angry that the Turtles have followed him to the past and threatens that they will never escape the past without the Time Machine Remote Control. Before they can pursue Shredder and get the remote they must assist Koji in his quest (and naturally, explain who they are and why they are there). Meanwhile, Shredder must hire new assassins to deal with Koji, Splinter and the Turtles, now that Oroko Sancho's men refuse to fight because they believe that Splinter and the Turtles are Tengus - demons.

    After defeating another hired killer, Koji, Splinter and the Turtles discover the location of the Shibano Sama shrine. Inside they discover the Nomi sword, a legendary blade that can cut through anything, and the Tsunami Box, containing a power greater than any tidal wave. Koji attempts to open the box, but is warned by Splinter that it should only be opened when it is truly needed. No sooner does Kohji have these magical relics in his possession does he begin to dream about the power of his clan, then they find themselves surrounded by Shredder and his samurais.

    During their battle the Tsunami Box is accidentally opened, releasing a giant fire-breathing dragon which, after scaring everyone, heads in the direction of a nearby village. So while Koji and Splinter go off to protect the village, the Turtles are left to keep Shredder and the marauding samurais at bay. Oroko Sancho manages to free himself and declare Shredder as an imposter. Just as his samurais are about to execute Shredder and the Turtles, Koji arrives riding atop the now tamed dragon. Oroko Sansho cowers in fear, revealing his true colors. Koji offers service to Oroko's men as he initiates the Foot Clan. Once again, Shredder's brilliant plan is foiled as Donatello uses Shredder's remote to transport the other three Turtles, Splinter and Shredder back to their own time.moreless
  • Night of the Dark Turtle

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 14 - 10/30/93

    While Donatello and the other three Turtles debate the issue of "brains vs. brawn", Donatello's Early Warning Alarm System goes off. According to Donatello's readings, The City has experienced a major vibration emanating from the Earth. Naturally, everyone suspects Shredder and Krang, so they set out to investigate immediately. Donatello's readings lead them to a Government Research Lab, where only moments ago Shredder received a Micro Blaster from one of the resident scientists. The Blaster is supposedly the mightiest (and smallest) weapon known to man. During a fight scene, Donatello is seriously hurt by Shredder. And while Shredder eludes the Security Guards (without his Micro Blaster), the Turtles also retreat back to the lair with a semi-conscious Donatello.

    When Don emerges from his coma he is not quite the same. Something about him is different. But one thing is for sure, he is angry and wants Shredder so bad he can taste it. But Donny feels that he needs a new identity... something that will instill fear in Shredder's heart, something like the Dark Turtle, a Batman-esque crime fighter. Meanwhile, three Star Cruisers loaded with Triceratons have landed in the city, claiming the earth as Triceraton property. Donatello scours the mean streets of the City in search of the Shredder, who is now in cahoots with a local mobster by the name of Wolf Jackson. Leo, Mike, and Raph battle the Triceratons, who are intent upon sending the Earth through their Star Gate and back to the Tricertraon Galaxy where it will be stripped clean.

    Leonardo, Michaelanglo and Raphael are helpless without Donatello and his brains. The 3 decide that they have to find Don and bring him to his senses, with only one hour remaining before the end of the world as we know it. Back to where it all started, Donatello and Shredder are engaged in a final showdown and it looks as if Donatello has the upper hand. In fact, it appears that Donatello really will kill Shredder once and for all! But Leonardo, Raphael and Michaelagelo arrive just in time to save Shredder's life and cause Donatello to fall and knock himself unconscious again.

    When Donatello regains consciousness he cannot remember anything and is embarrased to find himself wearing a comic book character costume. Meanwhile, time is running out for planet Earth, but thanks to Donatello's quick thinking, he is able to convince the Triceratons that the Dark Turtle is the ruler of Earth and that the animatronic dinosaurs from the Natural History Museum are his minions. Of course, Donatello's use of Shredder's Micro Blaster also helped to convince the Triceratons that they should get out...moreless
  • If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 41 - 11/18/92

    Edward Nygma becomes the Riddler after being fired from his job by his crooked boss who stole Nygma's idea of the Minatour Maze and used it as his own. The Riddler lures Batman and Robin to his giant maze in attept to destroy them both as well as his old boss.moreless
  • Snakes Alive!

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 13 - 10/31/92

    While practicing their martial arts, Leonardo tells Splinter that he is convinced that there is one combat maneuver he has yet to teach the Turtles. Splinter ponders this for a moment and then agrees to teach him the one technique for which there is no defense, the Viper Maneuver. However, despite being Splinter's most gifted pupil, the Viper Maneuver seems to be beyond Leonardo's ability. Splinter suggests that maybe there is some hidden fear that prevents him from accomplishing the maneuver. Leonardo is insulted and quickly defends his honor by stating that he is not afraid of anything! Splinter informs Leonardo that he will not be able to perform the Viper Maneuver until he confronts his deepest, darkest fear and overcomes it.

    Meanwhile, April O'Neil reports on a break-in at the city zoo's reptile house. It seems that someone made off with over six hundred species of snakes. Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo are very curious about this robbery while Leonardo seems to be visibly shaken by the mere mention of the word: snake.

    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know what Leonardo's deepest darkest fear is. So, while prowling the streets looking for clues to the stolen snakes, the Turtles pass the Atlan-Tec Building and notice that all of the equipment inside is moving. Upon further investigation, they discover that the movement is being caused by hundred of snakes. Before they all slither away, the Turtles are able to catch one, slip a tracking device on it and follow it to whoever has programmed them to steal.

    Meanwhile the other Turtles are curious about Leonardo's strange behavior, but they have not made the connection to snakes. Across town, April and Vernon are cruising the streets, hot on the trail of the story when they come across Pinky McFingers and two of his henchmen breaking into a sporting goods store to steal scuba gear. Still on yet another side of town, the Turtles follow the snake with the tracking device onto the grounds of the old Botanical Gardens, which has been abandoned for years. There the TMNT are attacked by hundreds of snakes. Leonardo panics and is unable to help the other Turtles. Before crashing through some rotting floorboards, Leonardo finally announces his fear of snakes.

    When Leonardo regains consciousness, the snakes and the other Turtles are gone. Leonardo is in a quandary. He knows that he must save the other Turtles, but his first reaction is to run which he does... straight into April and Vernon's Channel Six News van, which had been following Pinky McFingers' limo to the Old Botanical Gardens.

    While April and Leonardo exchange stories as to why whey are both there, inside McFingers delivers the stolen diving gear to a hooded figure known as Cobrato. Cobrato informs Pinky that he and his men are to use it to place a thermal device, built with all the stolen electrical equipment, at the bottom of the East River. Cobrato goes on to tell them that he plans to activate the device causing the water to rise in temperature and create a tropical atmosphere for his loyal subjects the snakes.

    Leonardo, April and Vernon follow Pinky McFingers and his henchmen to the river, capture him and turn him over to the police. But not before the villains are able to place Cobrato's device at the bottom of the river. April does some research and learns that Cobrato is really Rudolph Cobrato, a herpetologist who disappeared after a tragic accident involving an experiment with snake venom. Meanwhile, convinced that his device is in place, Cobrato begins the activation process while Donatello, Michaelangelo and Raphael, convinced that Leonardo is too afraid of snakes to come back and rescue them, devise their own escape.

    All across the city, the temperature is rising, but still Leonardo is too afraid to go back and help his brothers, that is until three small children who worship the Turtles call him a chicken after he tells them that there is nothing he can do. Mustering up all of his courage, Leonardo successfully battles his way through the snakes, only to be confronted by the hooded Cobrato, who finally reveals himself to be a snake. Using the Viper Maneuver, Leonardo is able to defeat Cobrato, rescue the other Turtles, deactivate Cobrato's device and even cause an ungrateful Cobrato to revert back to his human form.

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