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David Wright

David Wright


12/20/1982, Norfolk, Virginia

Birth Name

David Allen Wright



Also Known As

Hollywood, Visine
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David Allen Wright was born on December 20th, 1982 to Elisa and Rhon Wright. David has three younger brothers: Stephen, Matthew and Daniel. He made his way up through the Mets organization and now is the starting 3rd baseman that bats anywhere from 3rd to 5th. He has…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • David Wright is my ALL TIME favorite baseball playa!

    David Wright has it all! He's fast, a good third baseman, an excellent hitter, and , most of all, :p, he's ADORABLE!!!! Im SO glad that he decided to play baseball instead of be a police officer like his dad! I would LOVE to be one of David Wright's brother's! That might be a little weird, (considering im a girl) but sister is fine for me! He's also very nice to the evil and annoying media that confronts him after every game. Good or bad, David always has a smile on his face and is jokink with team mates. Davis is awesome!moreless
  • I Love Davd Wright THE BASEBALL PLAYER!

    Yeah, it appears someone got a tad confused. As far as I'm concerned, this page is SOUPPOUSED to be for a writer or something, but the Mets player Davd Wright's facts are on here, so I'll just assume that. I love Davd Wright so much! He's like the hottest baseball player EVER and he's also really good at playing as well. I almost met him once, but he didn't play the game that day! GRRR! But I still like him! He's so cool and so hot, as I said before, ha ha. Uh, I'm running out of things to say...moreless